Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Nude by Nature Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator

Coming straight from Australia, we've got Nude by Nature in its full rose gold glory in Canada exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart. I was sent a few products to test and review and one of those is this Sheer Light Pressed Illuminator. Unfortunately, it did not hold its own during the shipping process and arrived to me broken. That might be something to take note of if you're hoping to order this powder online. It was a mess when I first opened the compact!

Below are my thoughts and swatches.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

6 Friday Faves

I did this in February and enjoyed it. I missed March, but I wanted to bring this feature back this month just to showcase a few favorites that aren't included in my beauty and skincare favorites at the end of the month. And also, if you want to take the opportunity, you can throw some recommendations my way! What song are you enjoying? What book did you just read and love? Maybe it is something not yet on my radar and I'm missing out!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Aveeno MAXGLOW Sleep Mask, Peel Off Mask, and Infusion Drops

I was sent these Aveeno products to test and review. Seeing as I already love Aveeno products, I was super down to get into these products from their new MaxGlow line. I love the Positively Radiant products...I used to love the exfoliating pads under the same line, but I think they have been discontinued because I never see them anymore. Never fails!

Within the new MaxGlow line, I have the No-Mess Sleep Mask, Peel Off Mask, and the Infusion Drops. See below for what I think of each product, along with close-ups of the applicators.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in Dreamer

When these went on sale again, I finally grabbed another shade. I've talked about Loyalist a lot and rave about it and this formula to anyone who will listen. I love Loyalist so much and it's a great nude, but I was looking forward to trying a shade in the pink family with warmer weather coming. A girl needs options!

This post won't be so much about the formula, as really just sharing the shade and swatches. To read my thoughts on the formula, see my post where I reviewed and swatched Loyalist. In regards to the formula, I have read about people finding it pills on their lips. I've only tried these two lighter shades and haven't experienced that problem (wondering if it's more to do with the darker shades?), but I've heard sticking to one layer helps.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Blog of the Month for April 2019

In March, Janine from Janine Allison was my featured blogger. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in necessarily making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too!

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This month, I've chosen Miranda from A July Dreamer.She covers a variety of topics with more of a focus on tips with a few reviews tossed in. And by tips, I mean she has a lot that you can apply to your daily life like her post on how to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh. You could get bitten by the travel bug with Miranda's travel posts. Don't say I didn't warn you! I hope you check her blog out and feel free to let her know I sent you!

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