PR and Sponsors

To companies:
I would like to give you all my email address associated with this blog. Also, I have been offered products to review quite a few times in the past. I'm quite willing to try your product and will happily review it on here. Thank you to those companies who have already shown interest! It means a lot to me that you found my blog and found me worthy enough to participate. I look forward to doing so in the future!

I will provide honest feedback. If I don't like the product, I will say that. If I like it, I will say that. It's that simple. If you're just looking for someone to say they love it even if they don't, I'm not your girl. I will not accept money to be forced into a positive review.

Also, please do not contact me for just a link post. I will not put your company's link in a post on Fashionable Heart unless I have visited your site and/or used your products. If you contact me and do not include which company or brand you work for, I will not respond. I like to know upfront who I am sending an email response to and I will do research before doing so. I will also not accept many offers that do not pertain to the main themes of this blog- fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

Please email me for further information and if you wish to see my media kit (in rough draft mode, at the moment). I can be reached at

For companies wishing to purchase a monthly ad on my right sidebar:

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