About Wendy

Fashionable Heart is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog. I am a southern girl that has been living in Canada since 2004. I still say "y'all" and I can't say "eh" without it sounding forced. This blog started as a little sounding space for me and it has changed a lot over the years. I think the fact that it is always changing has kept it entertaining for me. I love being able to write about various subjects! And various subjects you will find! I have been known to talk about TV and movies, concerts, travel, recipes, etc.

My old "about me" page listed various shows, books, musicians, and whatnot that I am interested in. I do miss having that information here, but you can still find out a great deal about me in my posts across my social media pages and on this blog. I never shy away from talking about or showing my interests and love talking to those of you that share the same ones!

If you have any requests or questions, please email me at wendy@fashionableheart.com.

**This page is still under construction.

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