Tuesday, January 3, 2017

InstaMonth for December 2016

Happy New Year! I'm back from my Christmas break and getting back into the blogging action. Time to dust off the keyboard and get caught up! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. As usual, it went by far too quickly. Writing and saying 2017 still feels weird, but I am excited to see what the new year brings.

As for 2016, here are a few pictures from my Instagram last month. Gosh, that was sooo last year. ;)

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1. November favorites. // 2. Gift ideas for hosts of parties. // 3. Some new goodies.
4. These perfumes are A+! // 5. Intro to Tarte // 6. Arbonne Sheer Glow Duo
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7. Indy looking dapper. // 8. Smashbox Studio Lighting Secrets // 9. Cutest holiday sweater ever.
10. Holiday sweaters. // 11. ColourPop Bianca and Echo Park // 12. Care package from Australia!
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13. Happy place. // 14. Christmas essentials!

I'm so sad to see December end, because that means my favorite holiday is over for another year. My tree is still up for this week and I'm going to spend as much time in front of it as I can. I typically wait until January 6th for Epiphany to pack everything away. When do you take your tree down?


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