Friday, March 4, 2016

InstaMonth for February 2016

February came and went! Since this is my Instagram catch-up post, I also want to thank all of you that follow me on there. I hit 1,000 followers in February and that is amazing. I'm so appreciative and in awe that so many people keep up with me and my photos. If you want to follow each other on Instagram, you can find me as "wendybanner".

February marked eight months since my accident. I'm using a cane about 80% of the time. I try to go without it a bit every day. I still can't fully straighten my leg, which makes walking with a normal gait impossible on my own. But I'm getting there. People are quick to underestimate the recovery time, how much work goes into it all, and how much physio is needed. Every broken bone is personal. For me, my recovery time has been longer. Better to take time to heal properly than to rush it and end up injuring yourself again.

I'm starting to get more confident now. I think the cane has given me back some independence and confidence that I lacked with the wheelchair and walker. It's not that they are bad things, it just took a lot of energy to get out and carry them along. The other week, we saw our first movie in a theatre since the accident. Speaking of which, I loved the new Star Wars. LOVED! I never had interest in any of the others, but this one was fantastic. And now I want all things BB-8 and Rey.

Anyway, on to a few of my Instagram snaps from February!

1. January faves!
2. Spring-like weather in the early month made me want iced coffee.
3. Current purse essentials.
4. Date night details.
5. Demeter Blending Kits
6. Favorite palette right now!
7. It was cold, but sunny. My hand were cold, but it was worth it. Always worth it.
8. Valentines from my Valentine.
 9. Review coming soon!
10. Is this heart purse not the cutest? I get so many compliments on it.
11. Current read. Liking it so far, but so sad over Harper Lee's death.
12. Another review coming soon!
13. So much physio with my knee. See my current workout playlist!
14. Indy is the perfect little fella.
15. Is NYX Iced Mocha a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe?
16. February faves!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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