Thursday, January 8, 2015

What I Did During Christmas Break

I enjoyed a nice week and a half with my husband during the holidays. I think I can count the amount of times I left home on one hand and I loved every single second of it. Is this an exciting post speaking of travels and adventures? Can't say that it is, but there's some darn cute animals in it and that's worth reading, right? Come see some pictures that I took during the holidays!

christmas dog santa
Yay for having a dog that puts up with modeling for me! Oh Indy, you're the best. Pretty sure I am putting this one on our Christmas cards next year!
christmas dog santa
^ Good grief, I just want to snuggle up with him and never stop.
christmas cat
^ Tried to put the Santa hat on Jade, but she wasn't having any of it. Heck, out of a 1000000000 pictures I took, this is pretty much the only one that wasn't a blur. Indy, teach her your ways.
christmas ornament penguins personalized
^ My favorite Christmas tradition with Larry is getting a personalized ornament every year. This time, we were penguins! Hard to believe this was our 11th Christmas together.
christmas ornament polar bear
^ And Larry got me this little chubby fella while out getting our new Christmas lights. So adorable! And the bear is too. ;)
christmas candle victoria secret
^ Candles. I burned candles so often that my lighter is kaput. Worth it, always worth it.
christmas nexus 7 next issue
^ This Nexus 7 from Lavazza felt like a Christmas present and it hardly ever leaves my sight. Have you heard of Next Issue (US and Canada)? I'm on a free premium trial and I am obsessed. They have so many magazines, along with back issues of them. And you can read them offline! *Not sponsored or affliliated, anyone can sign up for the free trial!* Also, I wanted a cover to keep the tablet scratch free when carrying it with me. Found this one at a dollar store for $2 and it works great. Score!
coffee christmas tim hortons polar bear cup
^ Coffee and hot chocolate were constantly pumping through my system. Starbucks and Tim Hortons holiday cups (which were perfect this year!) were in hand while out and about. But it's my Keurig machine that got the most use. Mmmm, coffee...
christmas breakfast cinnamon rolls polar bear mug homesense
 ^ Baking and cooking. And leftovers. Glorious leftovers.
family dinner place setting monogram mug chapters
 ^ Hosting the family dinner.
christmas world juniors hockey sweden czech republic boxing day
^ Hockey. We went to the Sweden vs. Czech Republic World Juniors game on Boxing Day. It was a fun day out of the house!
christmas petsmart jacket border terrier
^ Indy modeling one of his winter coats (from Petsmart) that his Gramma got him. He's so cool.

How did you spend your holiday break?


Wendy Banner said...

I'll definitely have to check into Next Issue, it almost kills me to pay for magazines knowing I"ll only flip through them once then toss it in the garbage. What a cute freaking case from the dollar store! So jealous you were able to attend a world juniors came!

Wendy Banner said...

omg these timmies cups are super cute and Indy is crazy adorable!!! what's your favorite store for dog clothes?

Wendy Banner said...

I agree on the Tim's cups. The ugly sweater motif was perfect. :) Glad you had a great holiday!

Wendy Banner said...

I have only bought things from Target and Petsmart so far, but I saved this article the other day that mentions a few places I'd love to check out!

Wendy Banner said...

I know! And I rip out the articles I want to save, but this way is much more useful. And I can save screenshots and keep the articles digitally while not taking up any physical space. Plus, I'm a heck of a magazine hoarder when I get them. :P

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