Friday, January 9, 2015

My Favorite Fashionable Heart Posts of 2014

I don't believe that I have done this in the years before, but I thought I would go back into my archives and pick out some of my favorite posts from 2014.It's been a fun year of blogging and I just recently renewed my domain, so I suppose you're stuck with me for another year. Well, you're not stuck...but I'm sticking around and I sure would love it if you did to!
fashion beauty lifestyle favorites
Beauty and Fashion Posts:
Naked Basics Palette Swatches
Korres Lip Butter Swatches
Redken Hair Products
Top 5 Summer Lip Products
My Firmoo Sunglasses
My Birthday Dress
Top 5 Fall Nail Polish Shades
Top 5 Fall Lip Products
Pamper Day
Lush's Lord of Misrule
Kaia Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Cloths
fashion beauty lifestyle favorites
Home and Lifestyle Posts:
Home Decor Wishlist - Oh, and I got that chandelier! It's not up yet, but it's mine!
Old Firehall Confectionery
My Home Binder
Meet Indy - Like I don't link to this post enough. He's my obsession, I can't help it.
Date Night at Don Mills VIP Cinemas
My Day at the Summer Fair
Living in Canada
Indy's Christmas Spirit
Experiencing Lavazza Coffee
Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
fashion beauty lifestyle favorites
Personal Posts:
Get to Know Me Better
Don't Downsize Depression

It was an exciting year in the blogging world for me. I had opportunities to review some amazing products and work with great companies. I got to know a lot of new faces throughout social media and on here. And while some think the blogging community is becoming more negative, I am happy to say that I have hardly experienced that. Maybe it's because I surround myself with positive and supportive bloggers, which makes me extremely grateful for what's around me when I sign on. So thank you!


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