Friday, January 16, 2015

Best Dressed of 2014

I thought I would feature a few celebrities that I feel really got it right most of the time, rather it be their casual or formal attire. So here are some of my favorite outfits they wore during 2014!

Reese Witherspoon
best dressed reese witherspoon
Emma Stone
best dressed emma stone
Taylor Swift
best dressed taylor swift
Jessica Alba
best dressed jessica alba
Lupita Nyong'o
best dressed lupita nyong'o
Michelle Dockery
best dressed michelle dockery
Whose style were you loving from last year? I think Reese and Jessica are my spirit animals when it comes to style. And Michelle's Oscar de la Renta dress from the Golden Globes is hands down my favorite gown from last year!


Wendy Banner said...

I don't follow any famous persons specifically but I love this style that they sell in this online store :))

Wendy Banner said...

Good picks! I adore Taylor Swift's style!

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