Monday, December 1, 2014

Gift Guide: For Your Guy

Alright, I think this will be my last gift guide for this holiday season. And for me, it's the toughest. I have never had an easy time shopping for any of the guys, rather it be friends or a significant other. But I have compiled a few ideas that always seem to do the trick.

gift guide guys dvd music book holiday

Food or Drink - Promise to make it and enjoy it with one of his fave movies/shows. (Williams Sonoma, $21.95 US)
Movie or TV Show - Perfect for a date night in! (Walmart, $30)
Earphones - Always wanted, always needed. (HMV, $100 CA)
Gift Set - Most guys hate buying things like this themselves. (Sephora, $100 CA)
Book - Find a book on one of his favorite topics. (Chapters, $42 CA)
Staycation - Make memories to last a lifetime! (CityPass, $61.50 per person)

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Wendy Banner said...

Gift shopping for guys is always so hard! I do usually end up giving my BF headphones because he tends to break the ones from the previous year, lol.

Wendy Banner said...

Great ideas! Still haven't decided on what to buy.. beginning to panic now! Lol

Wendy Banner said...

Sometimes the best ideas come in those moments of panic! Good luck!

Wendy Banner said...

Right? I have never seen anyone go through earphones/headphones as quickly as guys do. I still have the same pair that is like three years old and going strong! What are they doing to them to wear them out so quickly? LOL!

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