Tuesday, April 26, 2011

StrawberryNET Haul and Company Review!

StrawberryNET contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to start a partnership with them. And in doing so, they offered me a coupon code to save 50% off of my purchase! It was very generous of them to offer and I feel very lucky that they stumbled across my blog.

One thing that I really appreciate is that they offer free shipping worldwide. You guys have heard me complain about companies that I find charge massive amounts to ship outside of their area, so free shipping makes me happy! And the more you buy, you get a discount off. The products ship from Hong Kong, so it may take some time to get to you with customs and all. My package took about three weeks to arrive. Also, I had to pay $13 in customs charges. Sometimes you don't, sometimes you do.

This isn't a paid review, I assure you. I only received half off of my order and paid for the rest of the amount myself. I just want to give you as much detail of my experience as I can and it just happens to be positive. I found the products that I received and the company itself to be legit. Also if you live in Canada and have Air Miles, you can go to the site through the Air Miles Shops website and get miles. If you're not in Canada, you can just go to the StrawberryNET website and change the sidebar menu to your country.

I didn't use flash on this one, so you could see the awesome wrapping paper and how it caught light! They were so pretty that I almost didn't want to open them. Almost.

^ A makeup kit and a Stila eyeshadow duo that I put to the side for future giveaways. :)

^It was like Christmas getting to unwrap pretty presents!

^ 2 YSL lipsticks, a NARS eyeshadow duo, MAC Plushglass, and Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

^ I got the moisturizer in Porcelain and the NARS duo in Bysance.

^ The MAC Plushglass is in Bountiful and the two YSL lipsticks are both #9s (Frivolous Pink and Golden Violet).

I will be posting product pictures and swatches of these five items in my next post! I couldn't fit everything I wanted to in this one. Story of my life! I do recommend checking out the company, reviews, and do some price comparing too. I found that I could purchase some items in store here or in CCOs for a cheaper price, so I picked out the things that I knew I couldn't find at such a great price!


Yomi Uba said...

Shipping always kills a good deal.
Thank for sharing with us!

Jaci Walker said...

Nice haul! I always look at that site since they sell MAC really cheap and where I live it's AU$36 for a MAC lipstick.

I'm too scared to purchase from there as they have been caught out selling contereit products.

I love your blog and I would love it if you could check out mine and follow back pubicly: jaciwalker.blogspot.com


Wendy Banner said...

@Yomi- Agreed! There are some businesses that charge a huge amount even when I only want a small item. It kills the experience!

@Jaci- I didn't know that. I'm always concerned about that when buying makeup that isn't from the actual stores. I did compare the MAC lipgloss and NARS duo to ones that I already own and they are real. So maybe it is hit and miss. :/ They might have stopped selling counterfeit now that they are a part of Air Miles (which doesn't do business with just anyone). Hopefully so!

Anonymous said...

Yep it's the counterfiet stuff that was sold before that has prevented me from ever ordering from them as well...hopefully that has been remedied, perhaps I will try again.

Justine (Productrater) said...

Well I had no idea about the air miles trick! dang it, I wish I would of known. They contacted me too and I was so excited because they have such great items! Also, about the customs part, I had to pay $28 in customs and apparently you can get that reimbursed, I am still working on figuring that out, but worth checking out if you are interested.

Mi_Mi said...

wow pretty collections thanz for the share^^

Blue said...

so cute :3

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