Wednesday, April 27, 2011

StrawberryNET Haul Swatches

So here are my swatches from the haul that I showed yesterday!

^ The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Porcelain. The left swatch is heavily applied and the right side is blended in. I'm a NW20 in MAC and this works well for me.

^ The closest I had to the Golden Violet shade (Rouge Personnel #9) is MAC's Purple Rite lipstick. And to be honest, I prefer Purple Rite. Golden Violet is more glitter than color on my lips. I don't know how I forgot to take a picture of the Bountiful Plushglass aside from the group shot, but I managed to do so. Oops! It's an ok gloss...but more glitter than an actual pale pink shimmer.

^ NARS Bysance eyeshadow duo. This along with the tinted moisturizer is my favorite of my purchases. It hasn't gotten great reviews, but I don't see why. I absolutely love the purple color, which is mainly the reason I was attracted to the duo. And these are nicely pigmented!


Miss A said...

Love the look of this eyeshadow. Both colours are so pretty and seem to be really pigmented.

I've ordered from Strawberrynet a couple of times but am very impatient and always want to get my stuff asap :-P so don't know if I'll be buying from them again (took 3-4 weeks).


Mi_Mi said...

the lipstick looks soo the collection

Anonymous said...

you should try hip duos by loreal paris don't remember the name, but its exactly the same colors for 5-8$ and the pigmentation is as good as this one! these colors are beautiful :)

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