Monday, April 25, 2011

Sephora Haul

Last week, they had the VIB event at Sephora and I had a 15% off coupon. I didn't go hog-wild, but I did pick up two things that I have really been wanting. If you got a coupon, did you use it and what did you buy? :)

Philosophy's Fresh Peaches with Cream bath gel and Urban Decay's Stray Dog eyeshadow.

After falling in love with Philosophy's Apricots and Cream scent, I knew I had to get the peach one. Peaches are one of my favorite scents and definitely one of my favorite fruits. I mean, I come from the south...we know peaches! ;) Anyway, this is amazing! I'm pretty sure I could sit here with this held up to my nose all day and just be in scent heaven.

I got Urban Decay's Stray Dog eyeliner in their 15 Year Anniversary set and fell in love. It's such a unique color of eyeliner and I am really going to be sad when I use it up. Sadly, it is only available at the moment in that specific set. I've been using it as a base and eyeliner in a few looks lately and just knew I had to get the eyeshadow to match!

I was surprised to find that it is not in any of my UD palettes. Stray Dog is a gorgeous taupe color, but when swatched it doesn't actually match the same shade as the eyeliner. It's still pretty and pairs extremely well with the liner, but I was really hoping for more similarity between the two.


Cass said...

Nice haul!

I didn't get out to the store in time but I did purchase online. I have Stila's natural finish oil-free foundation & one step correct primer coming my way (replenishing) and Bliss' blood orange+white pepper scrub. I purchased the body butter and I'm in love with the scent so I'm excited to try the scrub as well.

Unknown said...

The peach scent sounds absolutely divine! :) I love Philosophy's bubbly body washes :)

Mi_Mi said...

wow i got the body wash love it....soo nice and have you treated the ice cream on sooo lovely^^ Mi-Mi

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