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When I went to Chicago in July, I was absolutely excited to go to the F21 store on the Magnificent Mile. Why? Because they are one of the select carriers of the Faith21 line. Faith21 is the line that they have launched to cater to plus sizes. Now let me say this...think of the term "plus-sized" loosely when thinking of this line. It's junior sizes and they only carry up to size 16.

You might not luck out in finding any bottoms, if you are above size 16. However, you can more than likely find a shirt or dress to fit over their supposed size limits. It's because many of the items are made of a stretchy material and made to fit loosely. I actually fit into the size limits for my upper body, but I'm absolutely certain that someone a few sizes bigger than me could even fit into the two tanks that I purchased! The key is to stick to the looser fitting items!

I actually rather like a lot of the line. A brand finally gave a youthful feel to a plus-size line. It's full of bright colors and patterns. The quality is that of F21, as is the price. I'm happy with the quality and price, because it sure does beat spending up to $30 on a shirt that you may not wear all of the time. I plan on ordering more to be shipped when I go home at Christmas. I say that because the line is not yet available in Canada and has no plans to be. This is a huge downfall in their marketing and I hope that they do change their minds on this. I imagine they would have a huge following here!


SarahGermaine7 said...

I have to say...I was a bit disappointed when I checked out the Faith21 line. I was really excited that they were going to carry "plus sizes"....except their plus sizes are sizes that a lot of stores I shop at already I was a little disappointed. Our store was also really picked over and had a very small that didn't help either! The stuff you got is really cute though...I would have loved it if ours had those!

Wendy Banner said...

The Chicago store was great. A huge part of the upstairs (the F21 on Magnificent Mile is 2 stories high!) was dedicated to Faith21. They had almost everything that they list online.

I absolutely agree. I mean Old Navy even carries bigger sizes than that. Though there are so many times that I've seen a cute shirt at F21 and can't get it because it's insanely small. It's nice to finally have that option!

The tanks are so comfortable. I can't wait to get more around Christmas time! The only other thing I don't like is how short the dresses are! I'm 5' 9" and they come right up to my buttocks. How am I supposed to wear something like that?! :/ Even with leggings, it would look ridiculous!

Lyss said...

I was on the Canadian Forever 21 site and they now have Faith 21 on the site and it is also available in some stores including the one right at Younge and Dundas!

Wendy Banner said...

Oh my goodness, you have no idea how happy this makes me! There were a few other shirts that I wanted to get and was going to have to wait a long time to get them. Not anymore! I'm going to have to go down to Yonge St. this weekend and take a look!

Thank you so much for the heads up, because I literally was just on the site a few days ago and there was nothing about it. They must have just added it. I know that I and several others did write them emails about Canada needing it, so it's nice to know they are listening to people. :)

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