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MAC Reviews

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As I said in this post, I recently got three new MAC products. I think it's fair to say that I have yet to find one of their products that I don't like! I'll speak about these three items though and tell you what I think!
MSF Natural in Light
I think this is my new favorite MAC product EVER! It's amazingly smooth to touch and just goes on with such ease. I have not worn it as a light foundation yet, but I love the satiny look it gives me over my liquid foundation. I had to get it in the fairest shade, because I'm lighter than a Cullen (Twilight reference). It's no secret that I am in love with my MSF Refined and this joins it. I want more MSFs!

Studio Finish in NW15
This concealer is in the lightest color available. Let me explain the NW and NC codes for those that don't know. I get NW because my skin has cool tones. You buy NC if you have warm tones. The easiest way to tell this is to look at your veins on your inner wrist. If they have a blue tinge, you have a cool tone. If they look more green, you have a warm tone. I have heard that it can be the other way around, but this seems to be the general consensus.

I tried this under my eyes and I actually did not like it as much as Benefit's Erase Paste in that area, but that's simply because Erase Paste brightens the area a bit. I did try it on a blemish and was quite pleased. And as I stated in the last post, I wanted to cancel out pigmentation on my lips. It worked really well for that and had great staying power! The swatch makes it look crazy, but it blends in really well.

Color Crafted Lipstick from the Color Craft Collection (Limited Edition)
This is very popular right now! Honestly, it's selling out in a lot of areas. If you come across this shade in your MAC store, you should grab it. :) I can't say enough good things about this shade. It's such a lovely pink, but it doesn't look ridiculous on your lips. It's my absolute favorite lipstick and I keep going to it. That says a lot, because I'm a gloss girl! It can go on a little grainy, but what I do is just take a lip brush and smooth it out. Problem solved!


The Sydney Girl said...

hiii! yeah the ballot box had an error but it's fixed now =) would love u to vote.

loving the mac lippy!!!!!!!!!!

hope ur enjoying saturday!


fern // FERNLAURA said...

I really like the few mac products i have so far, thanks for the reviews.
Loving your blog XOXO

The Makeup said...

im a pale girl too! I love the msf light and the foundation. The color crafted lippie looks amazing on you! im regretting passing it up!

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