Friday, March 6, 2009

Currently listening: I Want You by Kelly Clarkson
Currently excited: about it being warm enough to do Pilates on my balcony
Currently feeling: accomplished

I mentioned the Spring Old Navy line the other day. Honestly, I'm in love. I have put together a little wishlist of clothes that caught my eye. It's full of purple, but for some reason spring always makes me want purples and pinks. :)

1. long layering tank in yellow stripes
2. London destination tee
3. mascot tee with crown
4. maxi dress in purple
5. perfect tee in atomic purple
6. crochet trim floral tank in purple
7. red flower blouson shirt



flap jack said...

im in love with alot of their new cami's and tanks. especially the 2 you have picked with the floral pattern. i just dont know if they'll cover my chi-chis haha

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