Thursday, March 5, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Sin).

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Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
I am a big fan of the original potion, but this one has won me over as well. The color is a shiny champagne. While the original can also be used as concealer, this one cannot. However, it can be used as an eyeshadow by itself. It can be paired with several colors while giving them a nice sheen. I think it looks great with Urban Decay's cream eyeshadows in Rehab and Midnight Rodeo. Considering that it can slightly change the colors of your existing eyeshadows, be used as an eyeshadow by itself, and still acts as a primer makes it a triple threat!



Shannon said...

Hey Wendy...I need some advice from someone who is a fashion/makeup expert! What do I use to fill out my eyebrows without them looking fake or painted on?

Wendy Banner said...

Hey girlie! :) I think every woman needs to fill in her brows a bit, nobody who they are. It's impossible to have a natural perfect brow. I wish I could be one of the few with the nice ones. I have to wax then and everything else.

First off, I recommend getting them waxed. Then, you want a pencil that is just a shade lighter than your eyebrows. And you want a brow powder that is the same shade as your eyebrows.

Lightly color in with the pencil. Less is more. Then, brush the powder on top. Kits like LORAC Take a Brow offers a brush, wax to help the shape, and powders to help create the shade you need. :)

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