Monday, March 9, 2009

Macarons are <3.

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I have a new obsession! I had never tried macarons (not to be confused with macaroons that involve coconut) and I decided that this past weekend would be the time to try them! The chocolate ones were so amazing. I found this amazing French bakery in Toronto called Patisserie La Cigogne. I did get some at two other bakeries- La Bamboche and Thoror. I found that La Cigogne has a lead on them, though. They are expensive little treats, but they are very worth it!

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Anonymous said...

hey! do you happen to have the address or closest intersection of the bakery? i always wanted to try one but i have no idea where! thanks a lot <3

Wendy Banner said...

I think the closest intersection of Patisserie La Cigogne is at Bayview and Manor. There are two others that sell them on Manor Rd. E. I did not find them as tasty as these, though. The chocolate ones are amazing! :)

And if you want to add my personal twitter, that's fine too. I added you on the blog twitter. My personal twitter sn is wendyisastar. :) Just FYI if you notice I don't update my status that often.

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