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Baby, It's Fashion! Part Deux

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Last year I did my own version of a "Mr. Blackwell" list (located here). And sadly, this will be the first year since the 60s that there will not be a list. So I have decided to compile another list again like last year. It's been exactly a year today! I'm mixing it up this time by offering 5 best and 5 worst instead of just doing 10 worst. :)

Top 5 Worst Dressed Celebs in 2008 (no particular order):

1. Mary-Kate Olsen- She is always a hit or a miss. I can never quite figure out what she is going to do next. I love when she goes classic, but she more often goes for a grunge look.

2. Oprah- We get it. You gained the weight back. Been there and done that! However, at this point you should have a better idea of how to dress for your shape. Stop wearing ill-fitting outfits or colors that don't work for you.

3. Tilda Swinton- This dress looked like a Hefty trash bag. And none of her other looks are any better. I admire the androgynous side of her, but that does not mean you should forget style.

4. Madonna- At this point, I'm never surprised at the ensembles that she chooses.

5. Britney Spears- To be fair, she is kind of in between my lists of good and bad. Earlier last year was bad for her, fashion (and personal) wise. By the end of 2008, she was looking pretty fantastic at the MTV Awards and doing promotional stops for Circus.

Top 5 Best Dressed Celebs in 2008 (no particular order):

1. Gwyneth Paltrow- Holy smokes! She was rockin' those beautiful legs every chance she got!

2. Rachel Bilson- She has that wonderful casual chic look about her. I love pretty much everything she chooses to wear.

3. Anne Hathaway- While having a few misses, she had more hits. She always rocks the elegant gowns!

4. Eva Mendes- How playful and fun she was towards fashion in 2008!

5. Natalie Portman- She should wear Lanvin more often. Actually, she should wear purple more often too!

Honorable Mentions for Best Dressed:

Nicole Richie- Having a baby was good for her! She sobered up, became more mature, and really calmed down. And she started dressing so classy, while not diminishing who she is.

Blake Lively- This girl has looks! It's amazing to see how much style she has on and off the Gossip Girl sets.



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