Friday, July 31, 2015

InstaMonth for June and July 2015

I did not get to share last month's Instagram round-up, so I am combining the two months here. I'm pretty happy with my Instagram lately. I am not one for using my DSLR for pictures for it, nor do I stick to a specific theme. I do go through different phases of filters, though. I get tired of using the same one over a long period of time!

If you are on Instagram, you can find me as "wendybanner" and I'd love to connect with you!

instagram instafriday bbloggers blogging toronto flute bath and body works haul
1. Blogging is my jam.
2. Get out and explore!
3. Playing a piece that we played in concert band in high school.
4. First Bath & Body Works haul in ages.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My New Firmoo Glasses

As a girl who loves to accessorize, a new pair of glasses brings me great joy. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are such a fun way to switch up your look instantly. When Firmoo contacted me about picking out a new pair, I would have jumped for know, if it weren't for that whole broken knee thing.

Last year, I picked out a pair of tortoise sunglasses so I went along that same theme. The frames I got also came in black, but I feared those would be too harsh on me. Tortoise is a good meet-in-the-middle and goes with everything. I don't wear glasses full-time. I only need them for things really far away, mostly while on the road. I am navigator while my husband drives and I have to be able to read street signs. So now I am set for future road trips and I might just have to start hinting about needing a vacation once I am healed! Sounds fair!

firmoo glasses tortoise eyeglasses

firmoo glasses tortoise eyeglasses

firmoo glasses tortoise eyeglasses

firmoo glasses tortoise eyeglasses

firmoo glasses tortoise eyeglasses
Each order comes with a soft case, hard case, cleaning cloth, and a mini double-sided screwdriver. There are additions you can choose for each pair like anti-scratch, multifocal, blue-light blocking, etc. Any pair can be made into sunglasses and you can make any pair non-prescription if you do not have any vision problems. You put in your prescription and any additions you want and that's it. Super easy! And they have a try on tool where you can upload your picture and virtually try on pairs. This comes in super handy, because I was torn between two pairs and seeing them on made my decision a lot easier.

I am really pleased with my choice. They are comfortable around the nose and ears, don't slide down, and are very lightweight and sturdy. The pair I ordered is sold out, but there is a pair that is similar available. There are lots of colors to choose from to let your personality shine!

**Glasses were provided by Firmoo. There are no affiliate links and all thoughts and pictures are my own. You can find Firmoo on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Print Lovin': Palm Trees

I have quite a soft spot for palm trees, coming from South Carolina where our state tree is the palmetto and it is featured on our state flag. And maybe you have noticed just how popular the print is this year? I love the tropical vibe that spring and summer trends have been taking. Palm trees and pineapples set the tone quite nicely. Are you into the palm trees and leaves trend?

palm trees leaves trend fashion style

  • Palm Leaf Shorts (via Old Navy)
  • Palm Tree Crew Socks (via Forever 21)
  • Palm Flat Espadrilles (Tory Burch via Shopbop)
  • Palm Print Infinity Scarf (Sole Society via Nordstrom)
  • iPhone 6 Plus Case (Sonix via Nordstrom)
  • Palm Tree Stud Earrings (Gorjana via Shopbop)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

eShakti Reversible Plaid Shirt Dress

Well, this is a first for me. I'm sharing my new dress in this post, complete with my leg brace (my walker was to the side). Oh, that broken knee life. It was very tiring to get these shots and I'm sorry for relying on my phone for photos.

I'm out of my giant cast now and in my new brace for the remainder of the twelve weeks. Unfortunately, I hate the brace. It slides down my leg every single time I stand up. Drives me crazy. You have one job, leg brace, one job. And I'm allowed to flex my knee at 30° now, but it terrifies me. I'll give another knee update later. This post is more for the dress! But thank you so much for sticking by me during my injury and sporadic posts!

eShakti got in contact with me a few weeks ago and let me pick out an article of clothing to my liking. You guys, I saw plaid and reversible in the same sentence and I was sold. It's a two-in-one deal! I love the turquoise and orange, because it feels like a color combination that can be worn year-round. Unfortunately, I don't see the dress I chose listed on the website right now. But there is a similar one that is not reversible.

eshakti plaid reversible comfortable shirt dress plus size ootd outfit
Probably should have gotten the wrinkles out first, but I put it on right out of the package. You know how it is when you get something new! Look at that sexy leg brace. You're jealous, aren't you? *crickets*
eshakti reversible plaid shirt dress plus size ootd outfit

eshakti reversible plaid shirt dress plus size ootd outfit
The removable sash is also reversible. The small plaid pattern has two chest pockets, no pockets on the bigger pattern side. You can roll up the sleeves either way with a removable buttoned strap or you can wear them down and buttoned just below elbow-length. I ordered a size up, because I like my shirt dresses to be comfortable and roomy. I love the bigger pattern and can't wait to wear it layered over leggings with boots this fall!

Have you ordered anything from eShakti before? They ship to US and Canada. If they seem a little pricey, check out their clearance and sales. They offer great deals! Plus, they offer sizes 0-36W. How many sites do that?! And everything is customizable from custom sizing, pockets, dress length, etc. You get an article of clothing exactly how you want it. Total win!

**This dress was provided by eShakti for my honest thoughts and review. I am not being paid and there are no affiliated links in this post. You can follow eShakti on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Unexpected Hiatus

So where have I been? First, I hope the formatting shows up right since I'm typing this on my tablet. Not my first choice! Last Saturday was my local Color Run. If you follow me on any of my social media, you'll know it wasn't a good day for me.

I do take issue with the people who planned the race and chose to leave out one very important tidbit of information- the terrain. It was uphill and downhill and took a lot of us by surprise. I am not trained for that. Flat ground? No problem.

Anyway, there was a spot where I passed an emergency crew standing there. I found out why a few steps later. There was a massive drop. I was at two feet from solid ground when I pitched forward and landed directly on my left knee. I sent others for the emergency crew.

The crew called it an 8 foot cliff. They didn't even classify it as a hill. Luckily, I was the only injury, but I can't help but question the decision to put that area in the track. I don't blame the Color Run, but I sure do think this could have been avoided.

So I fell on my knee, had to go to the ER, had scans done, and they found I fractured it in five different places. One for each K of the 5k? Perhaps! I had to go immediately into surgery with a metal plate, bolts, etc. I got to leave the hospital last Tuesday.

broken knee blogging cast

I still have on a massive plaster cast until Thursday when I get my fiberglass one. I am stuck with the cast and putting no weight on it for three months. Then, I start physio to get it back to semi-normal.

Right now, it's pain pills, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. It's already driving me crazy. And I'm missing out on playing tour guide while my friend visits this week, concerts I was looking forward to, and just life. It's hard to stay positive some of these days. But I'm so lucky it wasn't worse, that my husband's office understands and lets him work at home while he cares for me, the healthcare in Canada, and friends and family who have offered the kindest words, prayers, care packages, and more.

It's been an emotional week. Not quite used to a routine or schedule with this new temporary lifestyle. So I do apologize if the blog gets a little neglected. I'm still trying to stay up-to-date on my other social sites, so I'd love if you'd join me on any of those.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

eShakti has a new shop layout and a gift for you!

eShakti recently upgraded the way their online shop looks. There are new themes and all of the clothes are divided by styles and types. In other words, it makes it even easier to find what you are looking for while browsing the selection.

I first mentioned eShakti last year when I shared my birthday dress that I chose! What I love about them is that you can have things sized to fit, add pockets, remove details, change hemlines and necklines, change sleeve lengths. They cater to sizes 0-36, which completely sets them apart from most retailers online and off. My dress has held up well and I am still super impressed by the quality. And pockets. God bless them for adding the pockets option!

eshakti dress shop fashion style
I love these new sections. You can search by type you want under style, which really pinpoints it down for you. Do you want a maxi dress, but you don't want to scroll through everything to get to one? Go under dresses and select "maxi". So simple! They have also added jumpsuits and rompers. Some of the lines are themed such as "contemporary" and "bohemian", helping you also shop by your own personal style choices.
Make A Statement In Bold Pants Or Shorts! eshakti fashion style shop clothes
Lots of fun designs with many on a clearance sale! And that brings me to my final point of this post, eShakti wants to give you $35 off of your next purchase, minimum order of $30. They only ship to US and Canada at this time.

GC CODE: WENDYFASHES35Valid until 07/10/2015

Enter this code in the 'Gift Coupon / Referral Code' box at checkout

Only one gift coupon can be used in an order

Not valid on previous purchases / purchase of gift cards.

This gift coupon cannot be transferred, re-issued or exchanged for cash.
Minimum order value $30.

**Full Disclosure: I do get $5 store credit each time the coupon code is used. This post is sponsored by eShakti. As per eShakti's rules, please do not share my code on coupon sites.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Canadian Beauty Bloggers Meet-Up

The truth? I have pretty bad social anxiety. It is at its worst in large crowds and group settings where I do not know anyone. It doesn't mean that I don't do things that involve those factors (as a blogger, I definitely do!), but it just makes it harder emotionally for me to say yes to them. I was very nervous leading up to this CBB dinner and had to do a few breathing techniques while browsing in Best Buy right before walking over. Yep, I was the girl doing breathing exercises while browsing the new DVDs at Best Buy.

I'm a little better once I have arrived, even better if I can get there early. And if it is a party, an event, or a dinner, I do ease into it more as I meet people. I'm still nervous the whole time, but it is in a much more manageable state. What helped me last night is that I talk to a lot of these girls online. I've gotten to know them through their blogs, Instagrams, Twitters, etc.

And now that I have been and gotten to meet them face-to-face, I don't think I will be nearly as nervous next time. The girls I got to talk with were amazing and funny and it was a really great night. We met at JOEY at the Eaton Centre. By the way, if you're near a JOEY, get the Baja Fish Tacos. That taco sauce is one of the best I've had. They need to bottle that stuff. After the dinner, there was a giant makeup swap. I completely forgot to bring my goods (you had one job, Wendy), but that just means more next time!

I walked away with a few new things to try, a few that might pop up in reviews on here. For now, here are some pictures from the gathering. I didn't take my DSLR, because LAZINESS. I had a lot of fun and I am so happy to be in this network with all of these wonderful people!

cbb canadian beauty bloggers toronto dinner makeup bbloggers bbloggersca

cbb canadian beauty bloggers toronto dinner makeup bbloggers bbloggersca

cbb canadian beauty bloggers toronto dinner makeup bbloggers bbloggersca

cbb canadian beauty bloggers toronto dinner makeup bbloggers bbloggersca

Friday, June 19, 2015

Spring 2015 P&G Beauty Sampler Box

They offer bigger samplers through the year, but every now and again they offer little boxes of samples. This time there were two boxes to choose from: home or beauty. You had to take a survey and I got the home box with the laundry detergent, Magic Eraser, etc. So it's funny when my box arrived and it was actually the beauty box! I'm not complaining one bit, because the contents are awesome!

p&g brandsampler samples pantene covergirl olay beauty bbloggers bbloggersca canada free freebies
 The P&G BrandSampler is a free program that you can sign up for at P&G Everyday. They offer their services to many countries. I'm not sure that you can get the sample boxes outside of the US and Canada, but they do offer great coupons. Totally worth looking into! You can see my last full-sized sampler box here.
p&g brandsampler samples pantene covergirl olay beauty bbloggers bbloggersca canada free freebies
In this box, I received:
  • Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner packets - I enjoy getting and saving these for when I travel anywhere!
  • Full-sized CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion - Love the original, can't wait to try this one.
  • Olay Ultra Moisture body wash - Ahhh, I adore everything with shea butter in it!
  • Olay Regenerist cream - Anything that fights against future wrinkles is okay with me.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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