Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Cardinal

I have misplaced my camera charger and I only have one notch on my camera left. It was enough to get these pictures for this post. I am sure my fellow bloggers and photographers share my laments! I can use my phone or other secondary cameras if I really have to, but I'd really rather not. #firstworld blogging problems? You betcha. The pain, the agony!

Okay okay, I'm done overreacting. For now. I have better things to talk about, like this new Arbonne Glossed Over shade called Cardinal. I've talked Arbonne on here before and you can find those posts under my "arbonne" tag! Don't even get me started on my love of the Sheer Glow Highlighter. So good! This is my first time trying one of the glosses, so keep on reading to see what I think and to see my swatches of Cardinal!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

ColourPop Cosmetics Mile High Set

This is the last of my first ColourPop haul before I delve into my second and most recent order. Am I becoming addicted? Maybe a little. Ok, maybe a lot. I was afraid that you'd have to use your fingers for everything and I am such an anti-finger in products person. But I find the Super Shock formula to be just fine with synthetic brushes. Fingers provide a quicker application and you get to feel the really cool formula, but I'm just not for that every day.

To see my other posts from this haul: Lippie Stix (Contempo and Cami) post is here and Super Shock Cheek highlighters (Lunch Money and Smoke N Whistles) post is here.  Below are my thoughts on the Super Shock eyeshadows and swatches, specifically the Mile High set.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

SkinAgain Positive Energy Skincare: Vanish Cream and AHA Exfoliating Cleanser

This review has been long in the making. I was sent these products in July to try. Because I asked for a scar cream, I needed to allow a few months of use to pass before I could write this up. I had my knee surgery a little over a year ago and my bigger scar is still quite pronounced and will take more time to fade, so I am focusing this post on my smaller scar from the same surgery.

Here are my thoughts on the SkinAgain AHA Exfoliating Cleanser and the Vanish cream!

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SkinAgain likes to focus on positive energy and each tube of product comes with a mantra to say while using it. Being into Yoga, I am really into that and taking part in my skincare routine already brings me into a zen moment. That might sound a little weird to some of you that do not partake in meditation or saying positive affirmations, but I promise you that it can make a world of difference.

The AHA Exfoliating Cleanser smells so fresh. I could smell it the minute I opened the box. The beads are Jojoba Oil and they exfoliate without damaging and tearing the skin. It is a quite gentle formula and my sensitive skin turns a little red but nothing that lasts. This does remove dead skin and makeup well. But I also use it on my scars before the vanish cream to prep the skin! It is also worth noting that it is sulfate-free.

The Vanish cream is for reducing the appearance of scars, cellulite, and stretch marks. Like stated above, I'm focusing on my smaller scar for this post. That is not to say it isn't working on my bigger deeper scar, but I think that one needs more time. It has faded a little and I have no doubt that it will keep doing so with continued use. It has worked wonders on my smaller one in just the three months that I have been testing it!

I will be honest when I say that I was not expecting much from this cream. Just another hyped up skin product with ridiculous claims, but boy was I wrong! My scars aren't going anywhere anytime soon and I am okay with that, but it's nice to see them fade a little more and be one with my skin. They still sit there ready for me to tell their story to the next person that asks, but they are no longer screaming to be heard. I highly recommend this cream if you have scars or stretch marks!
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Both of these are vegan friendly and contain 3.4 fl. oz. of product. They offer free shipping to the United States, but they also ship to Canada, the UK, and Australia.
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, skinagain, positive energy skincare, aha exfoliating cleanser, vanish cream, scar, knee, tibial plateau fracture, sensitive skin, vegan friendly
** I was sent these products for testing and reviewing purposes. All thoughts and pictures are my own and there are no affiliate links in this post.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Blog of the Month: October 2016

In September, Eithne from Tea & Nail Polish was my featured blogger. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in necessarily making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too!

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This month, I have chosen Kathy from Along Came Kathy. She does a mixture of posts ranging from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc. She's a sweet gal who always has such pretty pictures to share. One of her recent posts about coconut oil is right up my alley, because I swear by that stuff (miracle product!). She listed many different ways to use coconut oil that may just be new to some of you! If you check out her blog, feel free to let her know I sent you.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so I'm pretty excited about having a long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian (and honorary Canadians like myself) readers! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall Trends 2016

My favorite season is here! Two new Weeknd songs are on my Spotify playlist, pumpkin spice coffee is in my mug, and my sweaters are hanging up in my closet. My point? I'm a happy camper! And the best part? Fall fashion is back! Layers, plaid, cozy fabrics. Bring it on!

As always, I focus on the trends that I actually like or find wearable. Sure, that pink and yellow combo looked great on the runways. But in real life and on me? No thanks. I think fall is the easiest season to dress for and maybe that's part of the reason why it is my favorite, besides the weather and all of that holiday goodness.

bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, fashion trends, fall 2016, style
  • Plaid Overcoats - I have a plaid jacket in my closet and it is one of my favorites to reach for.
  • Fall Florals - Small but still bold, this year. Original? No. Classic? Yes!
  • Pumpkin Orange - Not just for your PSLs this time.
  • Shearling Jackets - I want one every year and have yet to invest. They look so cozy.
  • Hoodies - WIN. I love the current athleisure and comfort trends going around. Please don't leave!
  • Gray Plaid - Sure, plaid is always in. But gray is where it is at this season.
What fall/winter trends are you most excited about? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

InstaMonth for September 2016

I love fall, I really really love fall. But the limited daytime hours and sunlight drives me crazy. It wreaks havoc with photos and my schedule. Autumn pros outweigh the cons for me, but that's a pretty big con for us bloggers. Right?! C'est la vie! (Also, totally can't say that without getting the B*Witched song in my head. Not a bad thing.)

Here are some pictures from my Instagram last month. I've been focusing on growing my account and I feel like it goes a lot slower for me than a lot of other bloggers. I don't want to compare myself, because I hate that slippery path. It can just be aggravating when you put so much of your time into something and you don't make the progress you're striving for.

My numbers constantly go up and down, because of people who enjoy the follow, wait for a follow back, and unfollow right after game. I hate this trend. With a passion. I look at the numbers of those that follow me and I can tell right away if they do it. And when I do follow back and they unfollow right after, I utilize the ol' block button. Why? Because they are almost always repeat offenders and I am so over it. I want legit followers and I want to be a legit follower that likes and comments, not just a number. Yes, numbers are important but not getting them like that. That method just really turns me off. Hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks that! To each their own, I just personally don't like or appreciate it. (P.S.- Please don't think I am all about the numbers. I just don't like this new method being used to gain followers. I am appreciative of each and every person that deems my account worthy of a follow. And I love following you back and commenting and liking!)

bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, colourpop, lunch money, smoke n whistles, smokin whistles, panera cinnamon roll, starbucks psl, arbonne, essie, instamonth
1. September brings darker colors. Yes, please! // 2. August favorites.
3. ColourPop highlighters are full of YES. (Smokin' Whistles and Lunch Money) // 4. Panera cinnamon roll and Starbucks PSL. Fall is here!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, essie, instamonth, essential oils, thursday plantation, colourpop, cami, contempo
5. I'm a sucker for white packaging. // 6. ColourPop Lippie Stix in Contempo and Cami.
7. Thursday Plantation essential oils. Post is coming! // 8. Weekends are the best.
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, sephora brush cleanser, cleaner, loreal, revitalift, pepsi world hockey, fall, autumn, bath and body works leaves, plaid scarf
 9. Sephora's Brush Cleaner is my new fave way to clean my brushes. // 10. Fall essentials.
11. L'Oreal Revitalift. Post is coming! // 12. I won a cool contest through Pepsi to go to the World Cup of Hockey North America vs. Finland game. I got to sit in awesome padded reclining seats while enjoying food and the game. Even got on the Jumbotron! I chronicled all of it on my Snapchat. To keep up with other every day happenings, you can find me as "wendybanner" on there!
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13. This blog turned nine! // 14. Blog planning.
15. My favorite shelf on my beauty bookshelf. (The others need help and lots of it right now.) // 16. My mom has sworn by this powder for as long as I can remember and now it's a mainstay in my collection. It makes me think of her and it is an excellent powder!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, instamonth, mac capricious, velvet teddy, patisserie, colourpop, lunch money, smokin whistles, smoke n whistles, naked 2, opi, maybelline age rewind
 17. Favorite fall MAC lipsticks: Patisserie, Capricious, and Velvet Teddy. // 18. ColourPop highlighters!
19. My most neglected palette. So sad. What is yours? I don't even think I've ever swatched it on here. I'll have to do that! // 20. September faves! Which I think is cheating now that I think about it. Pretty sure I shared this Oct. 2nd. Oops!

And that's that! Are we following each other on Instagram? We should! Hope you're all having a great week so far. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Favorites

Well, this month went quickly. I know, I know. It feels like we always say that, doesn't it? But I really feel like this month just started.Not that I'm complaining, because I love October. It's just that I wait all year for autumn to come and I feel like it goes so fast. Before you know it we're prepping for Christmas, which some stores have already started with displays. Can we not at least get through Halloween first, guys?! Come on!

Admittedly, this month's favorites center heavily on ColourPop. They just happen to be the newest items in my collection and I've put them in heavy rotation. For good reason, of course. They are living up to the hype and expectations and I might be (OK, I totally am.) addicted.

bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, colourpop, contempo, truth, lunch money, opi russian navy, maybelline age rewind concealer, highlighter, nail polish, eyeshadow, lippie stix
  • ColourPop Lippie Stix in Contempo - A great mauve for fall. It's turning into my everyday go to.
  • ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Truth - Review and swatch still coming. A great neutral base!
  • OPI Russian Navy Nail Polish - This has been one of my fave polishes for fall for so long now.
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer - I've tried many undereye concealers, but none work for me as well as this one. Holy grail!
  • ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Lunch Money - This highlighter is perfect. If you're new to highlighters, I think this is a great introduction into the game. Easy to apply and build up!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, colourpop, contempo, truth, lunch money, opi russian navy, maybelline age rewind concealer, highlighter, nail polish, eyeshadow, lippie stix
What have been some of your favorites this month? Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ColourPop Highlighters in Lunch Money and Smoke N Whistles

Coming back around to my first ColourPop order, I got these two highlighters in Lunch Money and Smoke N Whistles. I have also seen Smoke N Whistles labeled as "Smokin' Whistles". I'm not sure why there is a slight difference in names, but they are the same product.

I previously shared my swatches of their Lippie Stix in Contempo and Cami, which you can read here. I still have the Mile High eyeshadow collection to share to catch up on this order. I say it like that, because I've already placed another order. They were offering good international shipping rates this past weekend and I just haaaad to take advantage. No, I didn't really have to. But I did. #noregrets

bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, lunch money, smoke n whistles, colourpop, highlighters, product review, swatches, fair skin, smokin whistles
 Keep reading for my review and swatches!

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