Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Stocking Stuffers

I think the stockings are one of the best parts of Christmas. Maybe it is because I grew up with a 3 foot stocking that my aunt made for me and I'm pretty sure half of my Christmas fit into that bad boy. Not even kidding, it was awesome. I still have the stocking, but I haven't used it in years. I do wish that I had put it out with my decor this year. Note to self for next year!

Here are a few ideas to stuff stockings or hint at what you want in your own. I mean, you could stick to oranges and toothbrushes, but I say we add some fun to them and amp it up a bit! And personally, I think this is a great place to focus on self-care items. Okay...and chocolates. Treating yourself in many ways!

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  • Foot or Hand Masks (via Sephora, $6 CA) - These can be found for relatively cheap prices and can always be used.
  • Face Masks (via Sephora, $35 CA) - I love sets like the one featured. You can break them up and give to multiple people and it's always a great value.
  • Makeup (via Sephora, $6 CA) - The stocking is an excellent place to throw in a little palette, lipstick, or any makeup item.
  • Lip Care (via LUSH, $7.95 CA) - Everyone can use a good lip scrub or balm!
  • Tech (via Chapters, $14.95 CA) - Raise your stocking game by tossing in a phone case, bluetooth accessory, chargers (because you know they always break!), or other little tech gadgets.
  • Socks or Slippers (via Old Navy, $5.94 CA) - Socks in stockings are nothing new, but the gift of comfort is underrated. Wearing cozy socks or slippers around the house is something anyone can appreciate, especially when the temperature is dropping.

Monday, December 10, 2018

InstaMonth for November 2018

Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating today! I hope everyone is having a great Monday...as great as Mondays can be. Mine has been full of answering emails, putting out fires, Christmas planning, you name it. But right now, I'm mostly just really excited to go downstairs for lunch and a coffee. Sweet beautiful coffee!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, if you don't mind, and just go right into a few highlights from my Instagram last month. As always, I'd love if we followed each other. I try to like and/or comment as much as I can. :)

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1. Comfy and cozy vibes. // 2. Obsessed with red and gold right now! // 3. The last days of visible grass.
4. Holiday issues are out! // 5. October faves. // 6. Living for this Old Navy shirt. Here's my haul.
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7. MOTD. // 8. Macarons! 
9. National French Toast Day, coffee style. // 10. Riversol samples. There's a link on their site to try them out, no hassle. And 2 other recent samples.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Zoella Holiday 2018: Four Lucky Stars and Milky Way Bath Milk Powder

Zoella Beauty puts out a new holiday collection each year, but this is my first time trying anything from any of them. I don't think we always get the full collections here, but it is nice that we can get some of it! This year's collection is based on the cosmos, so everything is a bit galaxy-themed and I love that.

So when I was offered the chance to try a few of the products and also give a set away on one of my social media channels, I quickly agreed. Until the end of December 13th, you can go to my Instagram and enter on this post. There are a few rules! You must follow the accounts I mention (which is only one besides my own), not be a giveaway account, like the picture, tag a Canadian friend as it is only open to Canadians, and tell me which scent always reminds you of the holidays.

Here are the two items I got to try!

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Blog of the Month: December 2018

In November, Tiffany from Boho & Blush was my featured blogger. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in necessarily making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too!

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This month, I've chosen Maha from Makeup by Maha Matar. This girl has skills and I honestly feel like her blog needs more attention! If you love beauty, you will absolutely enjoy her content. One of her latest posts talks about Wet n Wild and a few products that she has been trying out and it has me tempted to grab one or two! I hope you swing over to her blog and give her a follow. Feel free to let her know I sent you!

Another year of featured bloggers goes down in the books! You can check out the label to see who all were featured this year and years past. Some have stopped blogging or gone on hiatus, but there are plenty still going strong that deserve a view or two...or many!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

November 2018 Favorites

I'm so deep into my love of December that TWICE I typed December on my graphic and in this post and it took me far longer than it should have to notice! In fact, these are my November favorites but they certainly set the mood for December and the holiday season. After Veterans Day/Remembrance Day, it's fair game and I like to start early to prolong it. I'm not the type that is sick of the decorations and music after a short bit. The season only lasts for so long and I just love the way it makes me feel. Also, Happy Hanukkah to those of you celebrating right now!

Here are my beauty favorites from last month. I make no promises that some of them won't reappear in my December favorites later on. You just can't go wrong with a red lip, sparkly eye, and festive fragrance this time of year!

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  • Zoella Bake My Day! Fragrance* - This smells like vanilla and gingerbread and so perfect for right now. I'll be talking more about this in my next post! *gifted to me for testing purposes
  • Joe Fresh Beauty Lip Oil in Rose - Cold weather is here and I've invested in my first lip oil in ages. I don't know what possessed me to get rose, because I almost always hate that scent. And I hate this one, but I love the product so I suck it up. This oil feels amazing on the lips and I haven't noticed nearly as much dryness as I normally would.
  • Essence Metal Shock Shadow in Solar Explosion - Why haven't I swatched these yet?! Good grief, I just keep dropping the ball. These are some of the best liquid shadows I have ever tried and are so budget friendly.
  • Sephora Winter Magic Palette - This specific palette was part of last year's holiday collection at Sephora, so it is no longer available. BUT let me direct you to this year's version and it is a beauty! I'm tempted to add it to my cart, if I put my $15 off coupon to use. Can we rant about that a second? First, Sephora lowers the samples to two per order. The rewards you can use points for seem to be getting worst. And now, it's $15 off of $75 instead of a $50 purchase. Not impressed at all.
  • Stila Liquid Lip in Beso - This red, you guys. I think of this as the perfect "Christmas red".
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Monday, December 3, 2018

eShakti FX - Even more ways to customize your clothes!

I've worked with eShakti a handful of times now and it's always exciting to scroll through their website and look at the new offerings. They are always changing! I personally love their dress selection. Even better, you've always been able to customize them by size, sleeve length, dress length, pockets, etc. Seriously. You can add pockets and don't think I don't take advantage of that!

Now, eShakti has upped their game even more with eShakti FX. Keep reading below for more info!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: For the Homebody

Raise your hand if you're totally down with a cozy night in instead of a night out on the town most nights. I'm raising my hand so high that even if you're around the world you probably see it! Haha! Better yet, I want everything on this list. Golden Girls Clue game? Sign me the heck up right now. I'm not even that big on game nights, but you throw Golden Girls into the mix? I'm soooo there. I'm a Dorothy, hands down. Which Golden Girl are you? Inquiring minds want to know!

And yes, my love of bears and Mitch Albom is also shown. But this is just a bookmark to give you ideas on the theme. But if you do want any of the below items, you and I are basically best friends now! Sorry, not sorry. ;) Hope this guide does give you a few ideas!

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  • Something Moisturizing (via Sephora, $22.50 CA) - The heat blasting indoors can be brutal. Why not gift a nice lotion, hand cream, or bath soak to help in the battle?
  • Board Game (via Chapters, $49.95 CA) - Staying in and watching Netflix gets old. Sometimes a good game night is needed and it gets your friends to stay in and come to you. So you've won already by not having to go out, am I right?!
  • Book (via Chapters, $29.99 CA) - Sports for the sports nut. Music for the musician. Whatever it is the person likes, there's a book for it. I personally read everything and never turn down a book.
  • Cozy Blanket (via Chapters, $59.50 CA) - Because you can't have too many and nothing beats wrapping up into a cocoon on the couch. Especially on a rainy or snowy day. That's when it is the absolute best.
  • Cute Mug (via DAVIDsTEA, $23 CA) - Hot chocolate, coffee, tea. Whatever you want. I think it should be a scientific fact that everything tastes better in a cute mug.
  • Pamper Night (via LUSH, $6.95 CA) - Maybe put together a little care basket or just wrap a nice bath bomb for them to treat themselves. One of my favorite ways to unwind!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Holiday Gift Guides 2018: For the Pet Parent

We all know them. You know someone that obsesses over their pets. Heck, I am one of them. Are you? My dog definitely knows me as "mommy". He knows a lot of other words too, so much that I've been reduced to spelling them so he doesn't catch on. If he learns how to spell, I'm done for!

I might have focused a little more heavily on dogs and cats below, but it's easy enough to substitute in any animal. I mean, I've definitely see turtles, hamsters, birds, etc. on all kinds of things. Why not give a gift that makes the person think of their beloved pet? Or maybe they are like me and obsess over pretty much any animal. Polar bears and dogs being at the top of my ranking, of course. You just can't go wrong with anything like this, because it just incites all of the warm and fuzzy feels.

Another great idea that I did not include below would be a gift card to a pet store. It can be expensive to buy the food, treats, toys, and all of that jazz. A gift card can go a long way in helping the recipient spoil their pet how they want. Below are six other ideas and being totally honest, I want all of them. So darn cute.

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  • Themed Prints (via Etsy, $32.65+ CA) -  Sweatshirts, tees, wall art. The list goes on. There are so many great options out there with a lot of really fun sayings and graphics!
  • Notebook (via Chapters, $10.99 CA) - Because one can never have enough cute notebooks around.
  • Leash (via Hudson's Bay, $20 CA) - I've had this leash and the collar on my radar for a while. It's so vibrant. These stripes are really iconic up here in Canada.
  • Collar (via Hudson's Bay, $10 CA) - There is always need for new collars and leashes. Always.
  • Bedding (via PetSmart, $32.99 CA) - The only thing you truly need to know is the size of the animal. I love these bed sets. Indy has one and both the bed and blanket has held up well after almost two years. He still has the bone pillow, but it lost its ability to squeak and now it just isn't as interesting to him.
  • Scratching Pad (via PetSmart, $10.99 CA) - Cat owners know how necessary scratching posts and pads are. The last thing you want is a bored cat and unruly claws ready to cause havoc on anything and everything. They need to scratch. And having a few of these around lessens the chance of furniture and other things getting destroyed.

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