Friday, April 24, 2015

Next Issue, Please! #nextissueca

I have been using Next Issue as a free trial for a bit now and it recently expired. Long story short, I fell in love with the service. And now, I'm getting the chance to spread that love in a partnership. In this post, I'm going to fill you in on exactly what Next Issue is, what exactly I like about it, and I'm sharing a promo code for you guys to get two free months!

next issue canada nextissueca magazines rogers review nextissue reading
Next Issue is a monthly magazine service that allows you to read your favorite magazines on your smartphone and tablets. For $9.99 CA a month, you have access to 158 magazines on the Unlimited Basic plan. For $14.99, the Unlimited Premium plan gives you 170 magazines. That's pretty much the price of two magazines a month where you have to pick and choose which ones you want the most. Now you don't have to break the bank!

All  of the magazines are listed and you can star your favorites and set them up for automatic downloads, if you choose. There are also past issues, which is amazing if you missed out on one. My favorite part? They are downloaded onto your device, so they are there to read offline and you can delete them after you've read them. Perfect for long commutes to work on transit, plane rides, reading on the beach or on your patio, the sky is the limit! And you can sign onto your account on up to five devices.

If you're like me, a magazine hoarder, this is a lifesaver. I still get my magazines minus the "I might read them again!" stacks around my house. Less paper and less clutter! If I am reading articles that interest me, I do a screencap, transfer them to my computer, and organize them by type in folders. If I really want to up my game, I add them to a secret board on my Pinterest so that I can get to them easily.

If there is one thing I would change about the service, it would be having a way to let me know what I've read. I'm so bad at remembering if I previously downloaded something and it takes me about ten pages in to have that light bulb moment. Not a big deal, but I think that would be an awesome added feature!
next issue canada nextissueca magazines rogers review nextissue reading
Now for the fun part! Next Issue offers a free month on all new registrations, but my promo code is going to get you double that. You can enjoy all 170 magazines for two whole months. Total win! If you enjoy your account after the free trial, it is easy to continue paying monthly by credit card. If you are a Rogers customer, you can even add it to your monthly cable or phone bill.

Just enter "60Free" on Next Issue and start your free trial.

**I am in a partnership with InNetwork and Next Issue. I am not being paid for this post, though I also received a free trial. All words and pictures are my own.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

iPhone 4S to iPhone 6

I finally got to upgrade my phone. My contract was expiring and well, isn't that always the perfect excuse?! There was no way I was going to pay full price or the contract price of one of these bad boys, so I was so happy to see that Telus has a refurbished section of phones on their website. It's worth seeing if your provider does the same! That saved me almost $300, if I were to have gone with contract price.

I also kept my grandfathered plan, but had to add a few extras to get my plan to the minimum amount to own any of the premium phones. I really hate the new way of doing things. Any way they can get us to spend more money on our phones and plans, right? Ugh. Regardless, no way was I giving up my existing plan. I'd have to pay about $20 more a month to get the amount of data I get, when I only get 500MB as it is (which has always been enough for me). No, thank you!

kate spade iphone 6 iphone 4s comparison phone upgrade telus

telus iphone 6 iphone 4s comparison upgrade kate spade
I originally had my eye on the iPhone 6 64GB in gold. When I saw the silver 64GB model on the refurbished page, my squeals might have annoyed my husband. Coming from an iPhone 4S 16GB model where I was always running out of memory space and having to delete things...well, this was the thing dreams were made of. Gold vs. silver didn't mean too much to me in the end, because I ALWAYS have a case on my phone. The idea of a naked phone terrifies me.

The first chance I got this weekend, I marched myself right into Best Buy to get a screen protector and new case. This Kate Spade one won me over. Everything Kate Spade wins me over, if I'm being honest. I had my choices narrowed to three, but this was my first choice. Miss Kerri agreed and I always ALWAYS value her opinion. My phone feels safe and secure now and I am a happy camper!
telus iphone 6 iphone 4s kate spade size comparison upgrade

telus kate spade iphone 4s iphone 6 size comparison upgrade
I've gotten used to the size difference now. I love having the bigger screen. They didn't have refurbished iPhone 6+s, but I don't think I would have splurged on one of those anyway. I find them to be a little too big for my hands and I have two tablets for reading and gaming, so that much bigger of a screen wasn't really needed for me.

I think the hardest growing pain was saying goodbye to my collection of cases. Umm, kinda obsessed. But I get to start over and start a new collection! My old phone hasn't gone to waste. As you can see, it has my hockey case on it. It now belongs to my husband! He is anti-cell, so it's more like a MP3, gaming, and camera device now. Yep, basically an iPod Touch. His old one has a crap battery, so good timing. He's happy to be able to play Bejeweled again on the way to work to pass the 1.5 hours by. A Bejeweled pro, that guy.

So happy to have made the switch. Pretty sure the phone hasn't left my hands for more than five minutes since I got it. 64GB is a magical place where I can finally store some music on my phone and have those 55 photo-editing apps for Instagram. Such bliss!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Rodan and Fields Mini Facial

I was given a chance to try two Rodan + Fields products in a mini facial kit. I am new to Rodan + Fields, the two doctors behind Proactiv, and their skincare line. In this post, I will be talking about their Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and the Lip Renewing Serum and my first impressions.

rodan fields mini facial microdermabrasion lip renewing serum skincare
My friend Megan reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in the mini facial. She packaged it up so adorably! Megan is a lovely girl and if you are interested in any Rodan + Fields products and reside in the US or Canada, I recommend talking to her as your contact.
rodan fields mini facial microdermabrasion lip renewing serum skincare
  • Micro-Dermabrasion Paste - For me, it was too harsh applying to dry skin. I dampened my skin as suggested and that did help. I was still red for a while, but I did this at night before bed and it wasn't an issue. You can use it 1-3 times a week and once was enough for me. It left my face feeling soft and a little tight. I did feel like the softness lasted and it was easier to apply face products. You don't need a lot of the product per use, so I could see it lasting a few months if used once weekly. I split my two packs in half. A full list of ingredients can be found on the website, as well.
  • Lip Renewing Serum - This was the belle of the ball for me! First off, it is extremely satisfying to twist open the little capsules and squeeze the product out. I'm a lip product junkie and this made my lips so soft and plump. It felt a little strange on my lips at first (slightly oily feeling), but I went to bed and just let it do its work. For me, I felt like I didn't need as much as the capsule held, so I got about 2-3 uses out of each. I don't feel like that altered my results at all. I think this would be especially great during winter when your lips can really take a beating. You can find the list of ingredients on the website. Megan did mention this is not yet available in Canada.
The full-sized products are pricey, but I think skincare is one of those things where splurges are often worth it. If it works for you, it's absolutely worth every penny. A big thanks to Megan for sending these product samples and letting me try them! If any of you have tried any of the Rodan + Fields products, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sonia Kashuk Down to Earth Eyeshadow Duo

This was the very last duo in this shade and it was sitting on a shelf by its lonesome at Target Canada on closing day. I swooped it up, because it is gorgeous and the colors attracted me like a moth to a flame. Here are my swatches of Sonia Kashuk's Down to Earth duo.

sonia kashuk target eyeshadow duo neutral down to earth green brown

sonia kashuk down to earth eyeshadow duo neutral target swatch
in the pan, finger swatch, hand swatch
These are so buttery smooth and soft. I like shadows like that, because I find them easier to blend. I didn't really buy it to wear the colors together, so much as the fact that they each stood out to me individually. I can see them working together easily, though. They are extremely pigmented - the swatches above are with one swipe! Because they are so soft, I experienced a bit of fallout due to the softness, but no creasing throughout the day. I don't have many greens in my collection and I am smitten with the golden green in this duo.

P.S.- I'd love it if you kept the family of a childhood friend of mine in your thoughts and prayers. David passed away on Sunday and his funeral is today. I went to school with him from first grade until high school graduation. His dad was my doctor all of those years and his sister was also a classmate. My heart is so heavy for them.

Monday, April 13, 2015

My Very Last Target Canada Haul

Ok, the moment has come. There are officially no more Canadian Target locations open. I contemplated not going, expecting not to find much except chaos. But I had luck the other two times I shopped the clearance sales at two other locations, so I chanced it. I went to the Stockyards location in Toronto around 1pm and there were still things left to look through. Not much, mind you.

target canada closing stockyards toronto last day
The whole store was barren. They put the merchandise that was left in about 30 estimated carts at the front of the store. I hated the system, because I don't enjoy the digging method. I had rather them put it spaced out on a few aisles like the Target I went to previously. Granted, I went days before they closed so they had more stock left.

I was determined to not let my last trip to Target be a disappointment, so I persevered. It's amazing what people will buy just because it is on sale. Guarantee they will get home and never use half of the stuff they bought. But hey, it was 80% off! I used to be one of those people until I found myself donating so many things that were never used or still had price tags on them. I try to have a game plan now and I certainly try not to buy something that I would not buy if it were full price.
target canada last day closing stockyards toronto haul
I did luck out! I got the last two medium-sized dog collars for Indy and he's set for a good while now with this and what I got him in the last haul. These Maple Leafs car decals were sitting by themselves on a shelf near the registers and I love that they have a dog and cat on them! I don't care for the typical stick figures on cars, but it's Leafs and I'm married to a Leafs fan (and he picked them out!). The Sonia Kashuk eye duo was the last one in those colors, but there were still plenty of the big palette when I was there. A full matte palette that will work perfectly with all of the Naked palettes! Swatches will come on both palettes.

So what did I get all of that for? $6.20. Every item in the haul was more than $6 before the clearance discounts were applied! Not too shabby. But I tell you, I'd take having my Target Canada still being open over these deep discounts any day. I refuse to give up hope that Target's online store will start shipping to Canada. They do still have fans here and I think it would be a smart move!

To read my other posts and hauls on Target Canada's closing sales, click here and here. Goodbye, my sweet friend. I think I shall miss my cute stationery, Archer Farms food, stylish home decor, Sonia Kashuk, fun accessories, and designer collections most of all. Guess it's time to renew my passport and get ready for a few border trips again!

Friday, April 10, 2015

March 2015 Favorites

I usually try to get my favorites out during the first week, so I'm a little late on them this month. Better late than never! This month has a few new favorites and a few old-ish. Speaking of oldies, I'm listening to Brian Wilson's new album while typing this out. His sound is still so Beach Boys and I am in love. If you like feel good music and the Beach Boys, give it a listen. My favorite track is The Right Time. The album "No Pier Pressure" is up on Spotify and also available to purchase now. < Not an ad, just sharing another current favorite, I promise. I just really love The Beach Boys, no matter the different line-ups or the musicians!

odylique shampoo body shop rimmel london 17 essie aveeno fresh essentials marc jacobs daisy revlon concealer
  • Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo - It's so gentle and my scalp feels healthier when I use it.
  • The Body Shop Shea Body Butter - I got this in my advent calendar. Love The Body Shop's body butters!
  • Rimmel London Kate Moss #17 Lipstick - A friend bought it based on my review and she now calls it a fave. A perfect spring pink!
  • Essie Lilacism Nail Polish - Thought this would be the perfect color for Easter, but it's such a pretty color for spring!
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume - It must be spring, because my beloved Daisy has been out to play.
  • Revlon ColorStay Concealer - This and the lipstick were in last month's faves for a reason. This lasts for ages on my skin!
  • Aveeno Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub - Finally a scrub gentle enough to cause minimal redness on my sensitive skin.
What are some of your current favorites? I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Target Canada Clearance Haul

I went on what is possibly my last trip to Target Canada this past weekend. Emotions were high for this Target-loving gal. I know, I know. I live close to the border and can go there, blah blah blah. It's a two hour drive and involves customs- a pain in the you-know-what. Oh well,  I did it before and I'll do it again. I just don't have to like it. But we have to get our Target fix somehow, don't we? Unless Target finally listens to my ramblings and starts offering online shopping to Canadian shoppers **HINT TARGET HINT**.

You can see my first clearance haul and thoughts on the whole Target Canada closing ordeal here. This weekend, the discounts were 70-90% off depending on the item. I left the receipt downstairs, but I know I saved $185 when all was said and done. Here's what I managed to find in the dregs! And of course, you can probably still find most of this in stock at the US locations, if you like anything I bought.

target canada clearance haul shoes sneakers floral
Having big feet worked out well for me- finally! Most of the shoes left were sizes 10 and 11. I scored these for $5 a pair. I'm all set for spring and summer! I'm definitely wearing those red ones when I see Taylor Swift in October.
target canada clearance haul tray sonia kashuk eyeshadow palette
I got lucky with this tray. It was on a little shelf all by itself and I knew I had to have it. I haven't decided if I want to put it on my jewelry dresser or my vanity yet. It's just so pretty! The only makeup left was Sonia Kashuk stuff, surprisingly. I didn't really feel the need to go crazy, but I did pick up this neutral palette for about $3.50. Like I needed another neutral palette...but $3.50? Like I'm going to say no! I'll swatch it soon.
target canada clearance haul home decor threshold frame
You have to inspect some of the home goods, if you're going. Some things are getting nicked or broken, but I found this frame in good condition. Perfect for my gallery wall on my stairs that will be the bane of my existence until I get it done!
target clearance canada haul dvd bluray cd glee taylor swift disney
CDs, games, DVDs, etc. were on for 70%. I definitely could have went overboard, because they still had a lot of good options left. But I did pick up a few I've had my eye on. I was having a hard time finding 1989 in stock, but finally found it. I am still in denial about Glee being over. Those wounds are still fresh. I missed this Christmas movie when it aired last year and I had to have it for Robin Williams and Lauren Graham being in it. And then, Bears. If you're not new around here, you know my infatuation with bears.
target canada clearance haul dogs boots and barkley collar bow tie leash
 Lastly, they had a lot of dog items left. Score! Or should I say Indy scored? I got him a mint food and water bowl for traveling or for being outside on our patio, two collars, a bow tie, harness, backup leash, and a dental kit. I think I got all of this for around $27. Indy sported his bow tie for Easter Sunday, looking like the dapper little gentleman that he is. Ah, that face. (P.S. - I may have totally started an Instagram for my animals under "indytheterrier".)

The last stores close on April 12, 2015. If yours is still open, I think it is worth going in and seeing what is left. You might get a few lucky finds like I did. If I get a chance, I may try to go to the last one open around me this weekend. Otherwise, I have to accept that this dance is over. This whomps (< bonus points if you know the show!).

Monday, April 6, 2015

Blog of the Month: April 2015

Last month, Gigi was my featured blogger. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too!

blog of the month april fashionable heart
This month is Erin and Katherine. They focus mainly on beauty, but you'll see a few other little things here and there. One thing I love about them is they comment, be it on social media or blogs. They carry and participate in conversations and are fun and easy to talk to! I think you'll love both of them and it's super convenient that they are rolled into one adorable package. If you check them out, feel free to let them know I sent you. :)

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