Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Christmas Essentials This Year

Christmas is almost here! My favorite holiday and now it seems to come and go so quickly. I remember as a child how slow it seemed to be. Gosh, I miss that! Slow down, Christmas. In this post, you will find out some of my Christmas essentials and the very things that have gotten me through just about every night this month. Because I am very much a creature of habit who enjoys all things cozy and happy.

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  • Hot Drinks - I prefer cold drinks 95% of the time, but Christmas makes me want mugs of hot tea, coffee, and cocoa. 
  • Red Anything - Red cups. Red nails. Red lips. Give me the red!
  • Christmas Movies and TV Specials - All of 'em. 
  • Ornaments - My favorite tradition with my husband where we get an ornament each year for our tree.
  • Reese's Trees - I take my chocolate and peanut butter very seriously. These offer the perfect ratio of each. There's more peanut butter to the chocolate and it's perfect.
  • Pajamas - I bought two pairs from Old Navy this year and I wish I could live in them.
  • Slippers and Fuzzy Socks - Just makes the pajamas that much better. It's a fact.
  • Holiday Sweaters - I finally got ugly sweaters this year. Two of them and you can see them on my Instagram! Though I don't think they are ugly at all!
  • Advent Calendar - I didn't get a beauty one this year. I just stuck to the chocolate ones and mine is Finding Dory, because I'm a Disney addict.
  • Blankets - I just want to get lost in a blanket in my PJs and fuzzy socks with a good book or a Christmas movie, hot drink in hand. Makes me want to stop typing this post right now and go do it!
What are some of your holiday essentials? Do you understand where I am coming from on the Reese's peanut butter trees? I'm not crazy. I promise. Sorta.


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