Friday, November 4, 2016

InstaMonth for October 2016

October has come and gone and I am already seeing Christmas ads on TV. Granted, I'm in Canada and they go right from Halloween to Christmas with no buffer. No matter how long I have been here, I still try to wait as close to the US Thanksgiving as I can. I don't always never succeed at holding back my holiday spirit until then, but I try.

This year, we'll be putting up the tree just before my Thanksgiving because Toronto's Santa Claus Parade is on November 20th. I want the tree up, because it just adds to the moment doesn't it? A cup of hot cocoa, Christmas lights, and a parade on the TV? I mean, that just sets the mood. And this way it will also be up when I watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, so it's a double win. I may have just done a little happy dance in my chair (and I am super grateful that you couldn't see it).

Here's a few pictures from my Instagram. I'd love for us to follow each other, if we aren't already. I hope you have a great weekend!

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1. Essie polishes always deliver. // 2. Getting those October vibes. 
3. I never mind celebrating plaid. Even better that it had its own day of recognition. // 4. All the browns and grays, please.
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5. See my recent pamper routine here. // 6. The SkinAgain scar cream is an A+++.
7. Netflix turned a few coffee cafes into Luke's Diner and it made this Gilmore Girl lover very happy. // 8. ColourPop Mile High set.
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, instamonth, beauty blogger. arbonne sea salt scrub, glossed over cardinal, toronto popcorn company, colourpop, wattles, flutes, supermodel
9. Testing these Arbonne goodies out to review soon! // 10. Cardinal is beautiful for the holidays.
11. Heck yes, blue popcorn. I love colorful popcorn! // 12. Swatches coming! Flutes, Supermodel, and Wattles.
bbloggers, bbloggersca, canadian beauty bloggers, instamonth, beauty blogger, warm and fuzzy knits, etsy, samplesource, colourpop, lumiere, button, starbucks, frappula
13. Did you know I help run Warm and Fuzzy Knits? We make some fun things for kids! // 14. The latest SampleSource box did not disappoint. This wasn't everything!
15. ColourPop Lumiere and Button. // 16. The Frappula!


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