Friday, August 12, 2016

Ole Henriksen Nurture Me

As part of my birthday shopping, I grabbed the last item I needed to complete my Nurture Me set by Ole Henriksen. I just needed the facial water, which I was pretty excited about. I love facial mists and sprays. Better yet, my dry skin loves them!

For the TL;DR crowd, obviously I enjoy the line to have all three products. It's always a little tricky to review anything with skin, because we are all so different. But here's what I think of each of these items!

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Facial Water: The newest addition in my collection. First off, the other two products smell almost like orange creamsicles. This spray does not, it is more of a cucumber-based smell. I personally do not mind that, but it is worth noting. They also recommend spraying this before applying the face cream and I do like that method a lot! I also like to spritz it on my face after working out. My dry skin sucks it up. Having sensitive skin, I have also had no reactions. If you don't have dry skin or you are not a fan of the smell, Ole does offer other facial waters.

Facial Creme: This is the belle of the ball for me. The highlight of the line! I have rough dry patches around my mouth and this really makes a difference with them. This is thick and I don't really think you would like it if your skin isn't dry to very dry. It might be a little too much for anyone else! It makes my face feel so supple and soft and I can't say that with a lot of products that I have tried.

Cleansing Cloths: What I really love about these is that the cloths have yet to dry out. They are all still as moist (sorry if you hate that word) as when I first opened the pack months ago. Months ago? Yep. I wanted to save one or two just so I could see if they would dry out or not. They do a decent job at removing makeup. I have used wipes that do a better job, though. The formula does feel nice on the skin and doesn't make my skin feel tight. This is the weakest link in the collection, in my opinion.

Have you tried any of these or any other Ole Henriksen products? I definitely would not be opposed to trying more!


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