Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back to School 2016: Supplies

Yeah, I'm not going back to school in a typical sense. I sorta kinda wish I was, because I always loved it. I do have an online course on Ancient Egypt starting in September and I am super excited. I love learning new things! School has always been my escape. I'm like a sponge and just want to suck up everything I can. Yeah, I know, I'm a nerd. Don't let anyone tell you that being one is a bad thing!

Anyway, here are a few supplies to get you through your school year! I'm not saying you need these exact things, but these items (any brand) will definitely help keep you on track. This is just a guide and an excuse to look at really cute office supplies, because I never get tired of that. Never ever!

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  • Planner - I've been a planner girl for as long as I can remember. It especially helps to keep track of club meetings, practice times, and assignments. (via
  • Colorful Pens - For taking notes and writing in your planner. Don't underestimate a pretty pen. (via
  • Cell Phone Case - I'm going to age myself, but we didn't really carry cell phones while I was in school. Of course they existed, but not many people had them like they do now. If you're going to carry yours around with you, be responsible and put a case on it. (Kate Spade via Chapters)
  • Expanding File Folder - These are great for dividing your paperwork by subject at home when you clean out your folders or binders that you carry to class. (via Chapters)
  • Cute Notebooks - Get ones that show off your personality and that you will love reaching for! (via
  • Bookbag - Make sure to get one that offers enough support for the approximate weight that you will be carrying. The books tend to get thicker and heavier the further along in school you are. And very costly once you hit college. Good times. (via Chapters)
  • Water Bottle - Bottles that promise to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours are fantastic! I recommend filling it with ice and water in the early morning. Refill it during the day at a water fountain or in your school cafeteria. The ice barely melts during the day, keeping your water cold and you hydrated. Even in the hottest weather and it doesn't sweat, keeping your backpack dry. (S'well via Chapters)
I've been a bit more MIA than usual this week. I must admit I lost some of my blogging mojo and I've struggled to get a post up and visit other blogs. It happens! I'm working on catching up and getting back into the swing of things. Hope you are all having a great week!

What are/were some of your necessities for back to school supplies?


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