Friday, January 8, 2016

InstaMonth for December 2015

A little behind, as always! I love Instagram, you guys know that...but I reallllllly love it during the holiday season. Everyone's feeds become so festive and it's just so pleasant to the eyes and senses. It's so sad that it is all over already. We took down our tree and decorations this week and it tugs at my heart. Now begins the wait all over again! My Instagram is "wendybanner", if we're not following each other!

I had what may be my last hospital appointment yesterday. I say "may be", because I'm not back to 100%. I'm not even close to 80%, if you ask me. But the next step, if I so choose, would involve a manipulation under anesthesia, referred to as a MUA. And honestly, I'm trying to avoid it. They put you under and move the heck out of your bone to get it moving again, but you also risk further injury and pain. It would be my luck! I'm already one of the few that has the problems I have gotten with this darn TPF (tibial plateau fracture). So I'm going to keep doing my physio and see if I can keep progressing on my own.

Anyway, I'm walking (well, more like hobbling) a lot more without the walker and hoping to progress to the cane soon. You can follow my journey a little more closely on my Snapchat under "wendybanner", you can see my ups and downs, come to physio with me, etc. I do think that I'll be writing a post on it all this year, but I just want to be a little further along and share it all at once. For now, I'll just share tidbits here and there. It's been a long six months, I tell ya.

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1. My November favorites.
2. Planning time. That's me during my first Christmas. Baby Wendy!
3. Week 1 of THEFACESHOP Advent.
4. Needed for those bouts of physio. People complain about leg days. Every day is leg day for me. :/
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5. AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact.
6. Got this mug as part of Christmas last year and it's still my favorite.
7. I couldn't go to my TSwift concert because of my knee, so my friend Daniel brought the concert to me.
8. Week 2 of THEFACESHOP Advent.
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 9. Pretty much the look I went for all holiday season.
10. Gifts from PRs. The makings of a fun night!
11. Week 3 of THEFACESHOP Advent.
12. THEFACESHOP's RD302 nail polish. So impressed!

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13. Where you could find me on most days at the end of December.
14. Week 4 of THEFACESHOP Advent.
15. Bright colors on a rainy day!
16. My December favorites.

I am editing my pictures of my Christmas gifts and hope to get that post up next week. You know, like three weeks after every other blogger. But hey, it happens! Hopefully you won't be sick of those posts by then!


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