Tuesday, October 13, 2015

InstaMonth for September 2015

I'm a little late with this post this time, but it's one of my favorites to do. Instagram is my favorite social media site. I get so much inspiration from there and love seeing into daily lives (those little perfect and imperfect moments). If you would like to follow along with my feed and connect with each other, you can find me as "wendybanner".

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1. Annabelle Lipsies in Cherry
2. I had a serious love affair with homemade potato soup last month. So so good.
3. I have a thing for colorful office supplies.
4. I also have a major thing for berry-colored anything right now.
covergirl, scrapbook, sst cosmetics, canada, the bay, firmoo, mufe, sst cosmetics, opi, bbloggers, bbloggersca
5. CoverGirl Flipstick in Whisper.
6. I've been doing this since 2012. Buy a clear cell case, trace a template on paper, use pretty scrapbook, wrapping paper, etc., and you can change it out whenever you want.
7. Three of my newest additions to my makeup collection from SST Cosmetics.
8. Fall is here!
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 9. And because fall is here, I'mma need all the pumpkins in my life.
10. Planning is my happy place.
11. Have you created a Peanuts version of yourself yet? Extremely satisfying.
12. A little quiet time with my Next Issue Canada and a PSL.
arbonne, dog, sephora, dior, revlon, mufe, lancome, mac, opi, coffee, lavazza, bbloggers, bbloggersca
13. Arbonne's Lip Treatment has been helping me on these chilly days.
14. I get it, Indy. Who doesn't want to be cuddled in a blanket on the couch?
15. A FOTD, which many of these products made my September Favorites.
16. Like I was going to let National Coffee Day slip by. Nope! I just have problems choosing which one to brew each time. Mmmm...coffee....

Let me know if you do these types of posts! And let me know your Instagram username so I can stop by and show some love!


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