Friday, October 9, 2015

Mess with my dog, you mess with me.

I had other ideas for a post, but I just couldn't sit down and edit the pictures or write the blurbs. I've spent nearly every second since Wednesday with my dog. During his evening walk on Wednesday, Indy was attacked in our complex by a large dog that was off-leash and unattended. Indy isn't a fighter and was submissive, which really helped the outcome not be worse. He has three bite marks and is taking antibiotics for them.

We filed a complaint with Toronto Animal Services and started an investigation to find the owner of the other dog who fled the scene right after. Our building's management is also going over security camera footage. I spent all of Wednesday evening crying, but now I'm angry and ready to find the guy. I don't want any possible future attacks to happen and that dog is obviously aggressive.

Indy is starting to feel better now and sleeping through the night. He is still having problems sitting down, but he can walk better. I'm so grateful that things weren't worse. We are all just really emotional about it, but time heals. My little pup is still as sweet as ever and lapping up all of the extra treats and attention. Maybe he took lessons from me with my broken knee. ;) If only I could heal as quickly as he is! 

I hope my Canadian readers have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and Happy Columbus Day on Monday to my American readers! I'm off to enjoy a weekend of dinner with the family, catching up on our PVR, and hugging my dog until he is sick of me. Which has probably already happened by now...

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