Thursday, March 12, 2015

My MAC Highlights Eyeshadow Palette

I wanted to get this up yesterday, but I learned of a death in the family and just needed the day. I keep my darker neutrals in one palette and then I have my lighter neutrals/highlight shades in a palette. I thought I would share my swatches of the latter! Some of these colors are limited edition, but we all know MAC loves to bring shades back in collections so I included them. You might still be able to find them and discontinued shades online or at your closest CCO. LE = limited edition.

mac cosmetics eyeshadows swatches highlights

mac cosmetics eyeshadow palette swatches highlights
My palette looks like it has taken a beating and it has! The ones with the black sticker on the bottom were depotted from a stand alone case and the ones with the handmade labels were depotted from quads. And it is the old style palette, because I can't be bothered to spend money on the newer ones. I also label my palettes by color families like neutrals, pinks/purples, blacks/grays, etc.
mac cosmetics swatches eyeshadow palette highlight
  • Top Row: Vanilla, Rice Paper, Shroom, Prized (LE), Chamomile (LE), Retrospeck, Manila Paper (LE)
  • Bottom Row: Bisque (Discontinued), Brule, Phloof, All Races (LE), Skintone 2 (LE), Naked Lunch
mac cosmetics eyeshadow palette swatches highlight
  • Left Top: Vanilla, Rice Paper, Shroom, Prized (LE), Chamomile (LE)
  • Left Bottom: Retrospeck, Manila Paper (LE)
  • Right Top: Bisque (Discontinued), Brule, Phloof, All Races (LE), Skintone 2 (LE)
  • Right Bottom: Naked Lunch
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Wendy Banner said...

I don't own any MAC eyeshadows, but Brule looks like a great shade to start from! :) x

Wendy Banner said...

I love all these colors Wendy! They are so beautiful and natural and look so great on your skin tone. I like that they're light too, perfect for spring and summer.

Wendy Banner said...

Brule is a favorite, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money and get your hands on Wet 'n Wild, they have an amazing dupe called Brulee. I showed the two in a dupe post:

Might be worth checking out! :)

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