Monday, March 9, 2015

At the Good Old Hockey Game

We went to the Toronto Maple Leafs game on Saturday and it was so much fun. Through my husband's hard work at the office, we were offered suite tickets. I have gone to three or four games before this, but never in a suite. Heck, we can barely afford the nosebleeds when they are available. The Leafs have the highest ticket prices in the league and the hardest to get your hands on...even when we are tanking the season.

When Saturday afternoon rolled around, I slapped on my Grabovski (still bitter about that buy out) jersey and we drove into the city for a fun date night. I took a few pictures to document the experience!

hockey leafs suite game nhl acc

acc nhl leafs hockey suite game

acc hockey leafs suite nhl anthem flag
When the anthem plays, you get a big rolling Canadian flag on one side of the arena and a Maple Leafs flag on the other. It's fun to watch! And if you know the song that my blog title is quoting, The Hockey Song, it played during the game and everyone sang along. It is as quintessential to hockey up here as Take Me Out to the Ball Game is to baseball.
acc nhl suite leafs hockey game
The Leafs lost 6-1 to the Blues. Shocker? Not even close with the way this season has gone. The real winner of the game? My stomach. Popcorn, sushi, burger sliders, pizza, veggie platter...Yes, please! Now, how am I supposed to go back to the non-suite life? Look, I didn't choose the suite life, the suite life chose me. And it can choose me again anytime it wants to! ;)

Are you a hockey fan? Who is your team? I am a melting pot with who I like- Flames, Leafs, Hurricanes, Capitals, and Flyers are my top five!


Wendy Banner said...

WOW - I saw on Insta that you were at the game, but I didn't realize you had suite tickets. I've only been to a Leaf game once, and it was just the commoner seats. Such a great experience, but I can't justify how expensive they are.

So glad you guys had fun!


Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

Probably an once in a lifetime thing! I had to soak it all in while given the chance. Leafs tickets are ridiculously priced and hard to get, man. They are fun, but I don't mind sticking to watching the games on a big screen. But not paying ACC prices on that food? Yes, get in my belly, you beautiful yummy creations! ;)

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