Friday, December 19, 2014

The 2014 Body Shop Advent Calendar: Days 13-19

Are we on December 19th, already? Seriously? Whoa. Normally I complain about Christmas coming too slow and then going by quickly, but this year it seems to be speeding towards me. I hope that means it will go extra slow once it gets here. I'd be okay with that!

For my beauty advent calendars, I always do a weekly post on Fridays to show what is behind each slot from the past week. I try not to blog on weekends, so Friday works best for me. Here's what this week brought in the fabulous Body Shop advent calendar!

body shop advent calendar 2014 skincare christmas
Day 13: Vitamin E Moisture Cream - I love the Vitamin E line. This is a pretty substantial sample.
Day 14: Vitamin E Moisture Mask - I haven't tried their masks before. Let me know if you have!
Day 15: Vitamin E Night Cream - I love this small size. Looks perfect on the nightstand.
Day 16: Moringa Shower Gel - Not my favorite scent. I might put these aside to give as part of a care package.
Day 17: Moringa Body Milk - Love their body milk! I use the coconut spray one after showers.
Day 18: Bath Lily - I've never heard them called that. I guess I say puff, pouf, loofah, or sponge interchangeably. What do you say?!
Day 19: Honeymania Lip Balm - Hate the smell of honey. Is that strange? I think I'll put this with the Moringa items.

The previous weeks: days 1-5 and days 6-12.


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