Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Addiction: Christmas Music

Let's go ahead and get this out in the open. I am one of those people that will play Christmas music at any point of the year, not just December. I'm that person that you'll catch humming Jingle Bells while doing the dishes. I know, I know...I can't help it. I promise it isn't everyday, but I just really love Christmas and the memories that the music brings back. It's cathartic!

With that said, since it is the right time of year and I'm finally considered somewhat normal with my addiction, here are two playlists I have created on 8tracks. The first one is from last year and the last one is this year's mix. Hope you enjoy!

The Christmas music that I have may or may not make up probably half of my entire music collection. I regret nothing! Let me know what your favorite Christmas song or album is!


Wendy Banner said...

I'm obsessed with Christmas music too. As well as Christmas movies and Christmas books! Give me all things Christmas!! :)

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