Monday, December 15, 2014

On My Christmas List

The winner of my Lavazza giveaway was chosen and contacted. Thank you to everyone who entered!

I've shared my holiday gift guides for this year, so I thought I would share a few things off of my personal Christmas list. It's small this year, because I honestly got the best gift already when I got Indy for my birthday (and he's definitely getting spoiled with presents!). If interested in any of the things that I have on my list, be aware that some might be sold out online. They can still be found in some stores.

christmas list kate spade sephora lush hudson bay
Tech Accessories - Because I'm obsessed with protecting my technology! (Holt Renfrew, $100)
Hair Ribbon Ties - These are gold. Seems expensive, but one pack lasts a year for me. (Sephora, $13)
Bath Set - Winter makes me crave pamper days. (Lush, $29.95)
Towels - I think our towels are on their last legs. (Hudson's Bay, $25 each)
Candle Set - Candles. Give me all the candles! (Victoria's Secret, $40)
Dog Leash -  I love that this one has an attachable key ring. Super convenient! (Hudson's Bay, $40)

What are some things you are asking for?


Wendy Banner said...

I really need a new phone since mine broke back in ummm september? so to stop using the half broken old one from 2011, I think I will be asking for a second hand iphone 5s :) my e-reader broke as well so I will have to get B&N Nook glowlight, I had the previous edition from when it came out over 2.5yrs ago, I loved it..

Wendy Banner said...

Oh no! That's one of my biggest fears! My little 4S is still going strong, but I do find myself wanting to get the iPhone 6. Maybe next year when I have to renew my contract! At least with the new ones out, the 5C and 5S are less now. Hope you get your new eReader too! As much as I love reading actual books, it's such a spacesaver and more convenient to have mags and books all in one little place. :)

Wendy Banner said...

I never had an iphone yet, for now, I had only windows phones since real smartphones came out in 2010 or when was it :) I have been looking at 6 in store but its so uncomfortable, I hate the feel of it, probably the mask solves things but otherwise I feel like it would fall out of my hands any moment! 5 has an awesome exterior, I wish they made it the same way, maybe a tiny bit thinner and taller but otherwise same, not rounded and slippery!
I am not on contract (would prefer one year instead of two years commitment) but you sure have to get another one next year, they will have 6S by then and everything will be even a bit more cheap! :)
for now, we have no space for books - and regarding ones I read, they're mostly not worth paying for, except for writers I really like - so e-reader is great, for TTC, waiting anywhere, travelling, it's just that it costs mostly too much on ebay so husband will probably have a co-worker from the US buy it in B&N and send over here! but that will probably happen next month :)

Wendy Banner said...

I agree, sweet Indy has got to be the best present ever! I wanted a new camera for Christmas, and I got a great deal on one Black Friday, so my Christmas list is fulfilled. Time for a YouTube channel!

Wendy Banner said...

The VS candle set looks lush!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

Wendy Banner said...

That tech assessories set is gorgeous!

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