Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My 2014 Advent Calendar - The Body Shop

I may be what you consider not normal when I say that I don't really like chocolate. I don't typically crave it and I can take it or leave it. I also come from an area where I did not grow up knowing what an advent calendar was, but I quickly learned about them when I moved to Canada. Enter the dilemma of not caring for the chocolate. It lost its appeal to me after a short while. Then, this magical thing happened. Stores and designers caught on and started offering deluxe versions with fun makeup, skincare, candles, etc. My excitement came back and it's like that very first Christmas that I learned about advent calendars.

Last year, I got the Benefit version which I reviewed every week. This year I wanted something different, so I searched around. Now are you ready for a funny story? When moving, my husband and I came across a paper gift certificate for The Body Shop. It had to be over ten years old, because I am certain that he got it before I came here. So I shoved it aside and figured it would be invalid by now.

He went to one of the downtown Toronto locations and showed them the certificate. One sales associate did not know what to make of it and had never seen one like it and called over her manager. When the manager saw it, she said it was from the 90s. Jaws dropped. And my jaw dropped when they still took it. Thank you, Body Shop! Perhaps it pays to be married to a bit of a hoarder sometimes, afterall (why can't all of the stuff he keeps be gift certificates?!). So with that, I got my advent calendar for this year!

I have my small tree up already, so it served as the perfect backdrop. Can't wait to put up the big tree this weekend! Like last year, I will do a weekly review of these products when December starts. For now, it sits there taunting me in its beautiful packaging.

body shop advent calendar

body shop advent calendar
This post was meant to go up yesterday, but Indy got stung by a wasp on our afternoon walk. He was so pitiful all day and I was an emotional wreck while making sure he was ok. I've had dogs since the day I was born and none of them have ever been stung, despite being outdoors. Then, I get my first indoor dog and he gets stung on his paw. Who would have thought?!

He's a lot better today, though. And hopefully next time (please don't let there be a next time), I won't be so emotional over it now that I know he isn't allergic. For now, I still want to punch that wasp in the face.
indy border terrier mix


Wendy Banner said...

Aww, poor little dude. Hope he's OK now! I'm always intrigued by the various adult advent calendars that come out each year ... I'm a sucker for little surprises, I guess.

Wendy Banner said...

That speaks volumes for The Body Shop honoring that!!! I've always loved them!!!

The awesome dog we had before my 2 current clowns (Australian Shepherd) lived to be almost 17, which is a looong time for a larger breed dog. The year before he died, he stepped into a hornets nest in our front yard, and got a bazillion stings, even in his eyes. Bless his heart, he survived it, but it was horrific for my hubby to watch (I was the house). He was an inside dog also. You never know about these stupid stinging insects! I'm glad Indy is okay!!! Poor babyl.

Wendy Banner said...

Little surprises, FTW. I can't complain about a gift a day. Makes mornings a little more bearable! ;)

Wendy Banner said...

Right? I was surprised they didn't give it back to us or throw it away. Love 'em!

Wow, 17! That's amazing! I had a full on anxiety attack after the one sting, so I don't know how your husband could handle that at all. It's so heartbreaking to see. :( My little guy was back to normal the next day, so I was counting my blessings!

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