Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blog of the Month for November 2014

Last month, Kelly was my featured blog. You can read that post and see other past featured blogs under the "blog of the month" label! Being my blog of the month gets you a designated blog post, a sidebar button, and a mention on my Twitter account. The sidebar button stays up all month long. I don't believe in making bloggers pay for advertising and I'd much rather show you blogs that I really enjoy reading. And I hope you end up enjoying them too! :)

This month, I'm featuring Ashley from Chic.Toronto! She covers a little of everything and it isn't strictly Toronto, so don't let her blog name fool you. She reviews books, talks about events, covers style, etc. And Ashley is an absolute delight to talk to!


Wendy Banner said...

awesome, love checking out local blogs! :)

Wendy Banner said...

Going to go visit her blog! Love finding new bloggers. Thank you for featuring my 'lil ole blog for "Blog Of The Month"!!! xo

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