Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Favorite F/W 2014-15 Trends

My favorite trends are the ones where you can shop your closet. I love the classic pieces that always come back into style. I am not shelling out $3,000 for a coat that looks like Big Bird just because it is the "in" thing. Nope, not happening! Here are my favorite trends coming up. I'd love to hear what trend you are looking forward to rockin' this upcoming season!

Fashionable Heart | F/W 2014-15 Trends
1. Fair Isle Sweater (via Net-a-Porter) - I love Fair Isle sweaters! The pattern always looks good.

2. Sneakers (via Net-a-Porter) - Yes, comfy shoes for the win!

3. Shearling (via River Island) - You can choose to go all out or have it on accessories.

4. 60s Mod (via Forever 21) - So flattering, especially in dresses!

5. Gold (via Tiffany & Co.) - Hardware on your accessories, gold sweater, whatever. It's a hot color right now.

6. Fun Caps or Shirts (via Nelly) - Novelty prints and sayings are still popping up. Keep those graphic shirts out!

7. Chunky Knits (via Piperlime) - Is there any better feeling on a cold day than cozying up in a knitted sweater or scarf?!


Wendy Banner said...

Okay, I love all of your picks, but that "Bad Hair Day" toque (or beanie, whatever) is AMAZZZZING!!!

xo Jackie

Something About That

Wendy Banner said...

I really think I may cave and buy a white pair of converse, they look so comfy!

Wendy Banner said...

I am loving that purse! San Francisco weather is kind of always the same, but the winter gets a little cool so I will definitely be pulling out my scarves soon :)

Wendy Banner said...

I'd wear a Big Bird coat. Not a $3,000 though, because I don't have that kind of cash! Your picks do seem a bit more practical though ... I love the sweater and Converse-esque shoes. Would definitely wear something like that. Not at the same time as Big Bird though. :)

Wendy Banner said...

Definitely ain't knocking the Big Bird wearers! I just won't go out of my way to spend big money on what will only be trendy for such a short amount of time! :)

Wendy Banner said...

Guess you won't be missing the Toronto winter that is coming up! Haha!

Wendy Banner said...

I have the shorter ones and love them. So comfortable! They take a little breaking in to reach full comfort, but once there...heavenly.

Wendy Banner said...

Right?! I might need to add it to my Christmas list! I found it while making this list and fell in love with it. :D

Wendy Banner said...

Haha I am not looking forward to the weather when we come home for Christmas that's for sure lol

Wendy Banner said...

I am always happy to get my knitwear out!! Paired with black or blue jeans with a little bootie, it's my favorite go to look for fall and winter!

MD | http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

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