Friday, September 19, 2014

My Day at the Summer Fair: 2014 Toronto CNE

This post was a bit delayed as I went to the fair two weeks ago, but it is up now! The CNE, the Ex, the Canadian National Exhibition, whatever you want to call signals the end of summer around here. It's the last hoorah of the short summer season! I thought I would share a few pictures from our day at the Ex. Looking back, I wish I had taken more pictures but at the same time, I really just took the time to enjoy my day with my husband eating fattening fair food, walking until our feet ached, and taking in all of the really awesome experiences!

2014 Toronto CNE
Top Left: The acrobatic show was called Mirage. It was very entertaining. There was one part where this guy was dancing and holding lasers, a total trick of light that I am still trying to figure out!

Top Right: Ah, fair food. For lunch, I had a shawarma and poutine. I also tried my first Tiny Tom Donuts (a Toronto cult classic) and BeaverTails pastry.

Bottom Left: Butter sculptures! How cute is this Scrat one?!

Bottom Right: We finally got our names on a Coke can! See below.

2014 Toronto CNE Share a Coke dispenser
Coke didn't offer our names here, so I was so excited when I heard they would have a personalization station at the CNE. It's traveling around Canada, so you might still have a chance of getting one if you live here. You type your name on the screen and the can pops out after a few seconds. And it was free!
2014 Toronto CNE stone balancing
 This guy amazes me every year. He can balance the biggest rocks on small ones and get the stack pretty high.
2014 Toronto CNE mayor can sculptures
 If you're not in Toronto, the mayoral race probably doesn't interest you. But these profile pictures were made out of cans of tuna. That's pretty cool! The one name you probably do recognize, Rob Ford, is on the far right.
2014 Toronto CNE Flying Wallendas
 The Flying Wallendas. You know Nic Wallenda who crossed Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon? Same family!
2014 Toronto CNE flower show
 To see more of the garden and flower show, you can see my latest post on my photography blog.
Star Wars sandcastle 2014 Toronto CNE
I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but this sandcastle is epic. Totally epic. The top is the front and the bottom is the back. This artist has major skills!


Wendy Banner said...

Looks like fun! I suspect there are probably "Rebecca" Coke cans/bottles out there, but every time my boyfriend brings me one, it says something like "Buddy" or "Larry". Don't think he's paying much attention. :P

Wendy Banner said...

I'm FINALLY able to leave u a comment!!! Been trying for two weeks. Must have been my laptop? Anyways--- Love all the photos! That butter sculpture is adorable! Love that movie!

Wendy Banner said...

Darn it, at least you possibly found a Larry without having to wait in a long line! They only released certain names here and I can't understand why they chose certain names. Definitely a fun little memento to have!

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