Friday, January 24, 2014

Stila Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. II

I bought this palette during Sephora's Black Friday sale as part of the $10 US/$12 CA deals. I might be the only one who thought this, but Sephora's Black Friday deals last year were way better than their Boxing Day ones. I couldn't even be bothered on December 26th to place an order, whereas I was struggling to narrow down my Black Friday cart! I purchased both volumes I and II of this series, and you can see my swatches of Vol. I here.

Stila Artful Eye Collector's Edition Vol. II
eyeshadow shades


swatches Patchouli Ember Sandalwood Rosewood Eclipse
Patchouli: Limited edition. Chinois looks similar.
Ember: Limited edition.
Sandalwood: Limited edition. Golden Topaz looks similar.
Rosewood: Limited edition. Can be bought in other palettes from time-to-time.
Eclipse: Limited edition. Ebony looks similar.

My favorite of the two Artful Eye palettes that I purchased. However, all of the shades seem to be limited edition. The first palette had four permanent eyeshadows out of the five. I did my best at searching Stila's website for similar shades, should one of these catch your eye. I don't always like to share limited edition shades but like MAC, Stila often brings them back in future products.

Patchouli is such a great highlighting shade on my skin. You can barely see the swatch, but it is there! It reminds me of MAC's Vanilla. In the last palette, the standout shade for me was Starlight which was also a highlight shade. Way to succeed on the highlighters, Stila!

None of these shades are that unique, but they are pretty versatile and them being in one handy palette makes them more attractive. I like palettes that include a dark brown or black, which always comes in handy for lining the eyes if you're in a hurry or don't want to carry a ton of products with you. The palette is encased in sturdy cardboard with the only caveat being that there is no mirror.

For five eyeshadows at only $12, I'm a happy camper. I don't think this palette is a must-have, but it is nice to have. For these two Artful Eye palettes to be my first dip into Stila's eyeshadows, I have a positive taste in my mouth.


Unknown said...

Not having a mirror is a bit of a let down! Would have thought that was a staple idea in a makeup palette.


Wendy Banner said...

@Sian - I agree! It's so rare these days to not get a mirror, even on smaller palettes. It's not a make or break issue, but I do like the ones that have them.

Unknown said...

Great looking palette, great colour payoff in the swatches. I really liked your review and have followed so that I cn ead more. Check out my review of the new NARSissist palette at

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