Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Holiday Traditions: Merry Christmas!

I love hearing about holiday traditions. Every family seems to have one thing that makes them stand apart from others or something that makes the holiday season extra special. Growing up, my family always opened our gifts to one another on Christmas Eve and gifts from Santa on Christmas Day. This way the kids got to enjoy two sessions of gift opening. Also, we would get tired as the night wore on and it made it easier to fall asleep and wait on Santa to arrive!

Now that I am an adult and in a relationship, I love having our own traditions. My favorite one would have to be our personalized ornaments. We have been together since 2004 and it started that very first Christmas together. Since then, we search for the cutest one we can find each year. We have been stockings, mice, snowmen, polar bears, etc. This year we are reindeer and I seem to have a major case of flirty eyes for my husband. Heck yeah I do! ;)

I cannot believe this is our tenth Christmas together. Time flies by! I look forward to the day that we have enough of these special ornaments to fill a whole tree. Each one is so special to me and holds dear memories of our past years together.

Today, we are busy making even more memories in Niagara Falls. Always a magical and beautiful place!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?


Jackie said...

That is such a cute tradition. I hope when I get married I could do something similar!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

kpsays said...

Hope you are enjoying your Niagra Falls vacay! Just watched "Long Island Medium" spending time there ;) My hubs and I just spent our 17th Christmas together!!!

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