Friday, December 27, 2013

Benefit Advent Calendar Week 4

I've mentioned on twitter that I would be sharing weekly mini write-ups on the Benefit Countdown to Love advent calendar from this year. Every Friday, I have shared what was behind the doors that I have opened that week. Here is December 21st-24th! Can't believe it is over already! You can find the past posts here, here, and here.

I know many of you could not get your hands on this advent calendar, but all of these sample-sized products (aside from the necklace) can be bought from their permanent line in full sizes! I'll set aside the duplicate items of what I already own. Some of them are great to have in travel-size to take on trips, but I think I'll do a giveaway in the new year with a few of the others. Any of the duplicates are staying unopened and I'm swatching the ones I already own. So stay tuned!

Coralista necklace Cha Cha Tint Dandelion
Dandelion powder

Coralista Cha Cha Tint Dandelion swatches
Coralista, Cha Cha Tint, and Dandelion.
star necklace
Coralista Gloss
So much more pigmented than the others in the calendar! This shade isn't one that I normally would reach for. I'm not so much into coral colors, but it is pretty. I like the formula of these and don't find them to be that sticky.

Cha Cha Tint
A little too bright for my liking on the cheeks, but lovely on the lips if you enjoy a pop of color. I couldn't even get this off of my hand after swatching. It took a good amount of makeup remover and I still had a spot of orange. This stuff doesn't go anywhere once applied!

I really like this powder. It suits pale cool-toned skin and has a nice brightening effect. It's very light. You can pack it on as a blush or layer it over another blush, but I prefer to use it with a light hand as a finishing powder.

Gold Star Necklace
This is ok. I would not wear it as a necklack, but I would double it up and wear it as a bracelet paired with the other one from this calendar. I'm in the minority when I say that I loved the bobby pin and thought the bracelet was cute. I like that Benefit added a little extra glitz to the calendar and didn't stick to just makeup. I like variety!


Lucy said...

Dandelion is lovely makes cheeks and eyes fresh and bright. Great post have a Happy New Year


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, love the look of cha cha tint x x

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