Monday, November 18, 2013

Lush Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar

I typically only get Lush products during the holidays. They just always win me over with their holiday lineup! For a few years, I stopped buying anything from my local Lush store because they treated me very badly on a few occasions and I never went back. And honestly, I had a sore spot for the brand in general for a while after that.

Long story (not so) short, Lush had a company wide contest and every store had a winner. I handed in my entry form to the store manager on the day of the deadline and she excitedly told me that I was the only entry for that location. That meant that I would instantly be a winner unless someone else entered that day. And then the winners were announced and my store wasn't on the list. I called them and they said they never received any entries. I explained that was not the case, as I personally handed my entry to their supervisor. She then called me back to say that I must be mistaken and that I couldn't possibly have turned in an entry.

Oh yes, I was accused of lying. I called the main customer service number and told the story only to have that person also say "Is it possible that you didn't give in an entry? The manager has said she didn't get anything." So they took the side of the manager and alluded to the fact that I did not actually enter. I'm pretty sure I'm aware of my actions and seeing that my husband was right beside me when I did so, I had a witness. In the end, they took the word of the manager.

No one apologized to me. No one did anything. So I took a sabbatical from the brand for around three or four years and let that wound heal. I'm not completely over it and maybe that's why I only shop there one time a year at best. Like I have said previously, good service and public relations is everything.

That store has since closed its doors and I feel that karma took care of that issue for me! I am happy to say that I have never had a single other issue with any other actual Lush location, except that they are a little further for me to get to. I can't sit here and rave about their customer service from personal experience, but I can talk about the products that I try.

Good grief, sorry about that soapbox...let's talk about this cute little fella that was almost too cute for me to use!

bubble bar
bubble bar
The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar is $7.45 CA. You could probably cut him in half and use him for two baths, but I splurged and used the whole thing in one use. Depending on how often you enjoy bubble baths, you might find splitting products in half to be the better deal. For me, I don't take bubble baths often so I don't mind going for full-on extravagance when I do.
bubble bar
For a bubble bar, you just hold it under the water and slowly crumble it into the tub. The bubbles start to form almost instantaneously. Bye, Mr. Penguin!
bubble bar
This bubble bar turned the water a beautiful aqua color. The bubbles lasted the whole bath for me, which was around 30-45 minutes. And there were plenty of bubbles to soak in! The scent did not last long on my skin, though.

My only caveat with this product is a personal one and this is that I'm allergic to citrus (eating it, smelling it, touching it, etc.- it hates me!). It was no big deal really, as I took two Benedryl to prevent my attack. The orange flower and lemon oil are the culprits, but they make it smell so good! Between the cuteness, the smell, and the moisturizing factor, I'm willing to resort to medication to enjoy it. ;)

If you want to try this, you should hurry as it is limited edition. If you like the smell, their Olive Branch shower gel smells the same and is available year-round. Have you tried the Christmas Penguin? Isn't he the cutest little thing?!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm sorry you had such an awful experience! That penguin looks too cute though but I always forget to use bubble bars :-O I really should get into them more, especially during winter when soaking in a hot bath feels so amazing

Unknown said...

What an awful way to treat someone. The penguin is so cute.

R. said...

Wow, that's really crappy customer service! I wouldn't have gone back to that location either. On a lighter note, the penguin is probably the cutest of the bubble bars. :)

kpsays said...

So cute! We don't have a Lush store in my city. Atlanta is the closest. I'll have to check it out next time I'm there. I'm so sorry you had such a crappy experience though!

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