Friday, November 15, 2013

#RMRoadTrip, Holt Renfrew, and the Power of PR

I had the Rebecca Minkoff event on Saturday at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. She's a favorite of mine, so I was super excited. I got to the Holt Renfrew store early, but she wasn't there yet. They had started setting everything up, though. So I walked back out in the mall and wasted time. Before I knew it the event was almost over and still no Rebecca.

Apparently, she mentioned she wasn't coming on Facebook and Instagram due to her son being sick. Well, I didn't check those sites for updates. In retrospect, I suppose I should have. I did check her and Holt's twitter accounts and found no mention of her not being able to make it. You figure this day and age, that twitter is the first place to check! Not to mention, the store should have put up signage saying she was not coming to the event. Nobody I talked to at the event knew that she was not coming and we commiserated together.

Now aside from that, I assumed the event wouldn't be a total waste and that I would be able to get my bag monogrammed at the very least. I had read several blog posts from the previous #rmroadtrip events that they were allowed to get a previously purchased bag monogrammed. However, I was told that I had to make a RM purchase that day to be included in the painting fun. Seriously? Even after the fact that Rebecca couldn't be there? Shouldn't it have been offered as a way to make up for it?  I was not a happy camper and was ready to walk away.

I don't like being a "negative Nancy", but I think I had a right to be perturbed. Upon complaining that there were no proper signs telling people about Rebecca's absence and the fact that I had been waiting a long time, the person working Holt's PR was quick on her feet. In the end, she did overlook that I did not buy my bag that same day and let me get my bag done.

I had a negative experience and she was quick to rectify it. In doing so, I left the store feeling satisfied that the event was not a total bust. I'm very grateful for how apologetic and kind she was. And that is why good PR gets your brand, company, etc. everywhere! Had she not been so great, this blog post would have gone down a whole different path. I believe in good service and that we all deserve it!

So here are pictures from the event and my bag!

^ The talented Logan Real did all of the monogramming.
^ Thanks to the Beckerman Blog girls for the suggestion of going for turquoise! I am such an indecisive person and was trying to figure out what color to go with. In the end, I think they were right about the pop of turquoise against the taupe color. So pretty! And those girls are the absolute sweetest! They are among the most friendliest bloggers I have ever met.
^ The graffiti wall, Logan doing the bags, the talented artist doing the graffiti wall sketches, and me signing my name!
^ And this has nothing to do with the event. It's just an adorable pug from Holt Renfrew's Christmas decorations. Is he not just the cutest little thing?!


Unknown said...

Great post, thanks for sharing ^^
I wish the UK had more selection of Minkoff bags ><
Lets follow eachother and network?
Keep in touch
Kiss, Jenny
hellojennyho bloglovin'

kpsays said...

I'm glad the day had a positive outcome! I hate when someone you want to see is a no-show, and you don't find out until you've arrived!

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