Monday, February 4, 2013

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Week 21

Group post time!

I think the most expensive items in my collection are palettes for the most part. I like to know that I am getting a bigger bang for my buck. I will typically not even look at anything if it is over $75, though. I do not care if the item is made from feathers straight from an angel's wings, I am not dropping a giant sum of money on it when I can probably find similar products that do the same thing for cheaper. Let's put it this way- there is no way that I would be comfortable spending $70 on a ClĂ© de Peau concealer!

Now that is not to say that I do not ask for items like that as luxury gifts on birthdays or Christmas, but that's the fun of making wishlists!

Affairs Magazine :
is working on future Valentine reviews!
Beauty & Baggage : tests out the new Rimmel Apocalips and gives some away!
Fashionable Heart : has swatches of Urban Decay's Vice Palette.
Massachusetts Mask : is taking a lil' vacation in February.
Norwegian Elephant : reviews yet another red lipstick!

So how would you answer this week's question?!


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