Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Some January fun from my Instagram!

I have not done an Instagram post in a while, and honestly I am addicted to the app (I'm "wendybanner" on there). I thought I would share a bit from the past month, because January was pretty darn good to me. I hope it was good for you too! And I'm hoping February will be just as good. :)

^ random OOTD, January favorites, part of my perfume display, another OOTD.

^ Loooove Mitch Albom books, Jade being a ham, new skincare I'm trying out, an adorable cupcake bath bomb, and my favorite magazine (People Style Watch).
^ Jade continuing to be a ham who apparently took ownership of my hand, other half of my perfume display, mini OOTD, and a perfect day consisting of caffeine and photography.

TIP: Now with my perfume display, I keep it in my closet as it is dark and cooler. I put most of them in the black and white tray, though some body sprays are also under my bathroom sink. With the polar bear tray above, I put my favorite scents of the moment. Having a different tray to do that allows me to rotate my perfumes around so that they all get use.

I'll be heading out tonight for the MAC Archie's Girls launch party. Fingers crossed they will have the items I want still in stock! This is the first collection from MAC to excite me in quite a bit. I'm not much of an Archie fan, but the packaging is cute. And my husband is a big fan, so maybe he is rubbing off on me after all of these years! Though I must say I am excited about the Archie Meets Glee series coming out soon. I am a huge Gleek!


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