Friday, January 4, 2013

MAC 3N Lipstick Swatches

I got MAC's 3N lipstick for Christmas. It was recently released in the Making Pretty Collection. It is limited edition, but it has been promoted before. I believe it is a fairly popular shade, so I have no doubt it will be used in another future MAC collection! With this collection, the lipsticks were a bigger size (.15 oz vs. .10 oz) which resulted in a higher price.

I have offered my swatches in this post, as well as some other MAC lipsticks that come close to it.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ I really like the rose gold idea, but I don't care for the fabric overlay. It lends a bit of tackiness to it. The top part has also already become a little loose.

^ The closest MAC lipstick I have that is nearly a perfect dupe is Innocence, Beware!. That lipstick is also LE, unfortunately. But if you already own Innocence, Beware!, you don't have to be upset about missing out on 3N if you had wanted it. And again, both shades have been repromoted in a couple of collections.

3N is a gorgeous color that I am happy to own. This type of pinkish nude is my favorite shade of lipstick to wear! I personally like the Lustre finish as I like a shinier look.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Mimi said...

Its a super extra pretty color,a gorgeous wearable shade <3 Love it

Unknown said...

I like the packaging. The color is pretty, too! It's like your lips but better

Rhania E. said...

nice shade hun.. im a new follower =) hope you could follow back at my blog =)

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