Thursday, January 3, 2013

My 2012 Christmas Gifts!

If you don't like this sort of thing, sorry! I personally love seeing what other people got so I don't mind these types of posts. If you don't like it, please overlook it. I have loads of product reviews and swatches coming up in future posts!

I was ridiculously spoiled this year. I am very blessed to have the people in my life that I do! I certainly did not expect the level of "spoiledness" that I hit this year, but I am so very thankful. :) On to what I received!

^ Christmas explosion!
To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ DVDs, Wii games, CDs, and books. The CDs are two Glee ones, the new Bruno Mars one, and a Beach Boys compilation.

^ A polar bear scarf from The Bay! Love it!

^ The L'Oreal one is a gift from a friend in the UK. My husband found OPI's If You Moust You Moust and Warm & Fozzie for me, which are two colors that were sold out when I originally tried to get them. The other four are from the Skyfall collection. I got six shades from the collection. Probably my favorite collection that OPI has done!

^ Skincare and bath items. I typically only get Lush at Christmas and often only ask for their LE items. There is Snowcake soap, North Pole soap, So White bath bomb, Candy Mountain bubble bar, and Christmas Eve bubble bar (not shown). My husband also grabbed the Charity Pot lotion as an extra!

^ Miscellaneous beauty items. There will be a review on pretty much everything in this picture, so I won't go into too much detail. The Josie Maran face wipes are a repurchase- love them! I got a travel-sized All Nighter spray, because I hate carrying the bigger one on trips.

^ Lip products! Polar bears on lip balms? Yes, please! Again, there will be posts on these so I won't go ino detail. My husband accidentally bought two 3N lipsticks, but it's such a gorgeous color. I'm torn between keeping both or exchanging one for something else!

^ I got two perfumes. Lady Gaga's Fame in a rollerball and a full-sized Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck. Both smell divine!

^ A majority of my money and gift cards. The Zellers one is downright the best gift certificate I have ever seen. First off, it has polar bears. Secondly, it's a real maze to solve! And the H&M one (pink envelope) has gorgeous packaging - it has bunnies and it's all in pink and rose gold. Besides Tim Hortons, my husband also reloaded my Starbucks card. He knows my addictions well. ;)

^ And lastly, the jewelry! Top row is a Lisa Taubes 42" gold chain, mongram necklace, Derng blue stone bracelet, and my first ever Pandora bracelet (present and teddy bear charms). The bottom picture is a swarovski crystal snowflake necklace. So pretty!

Not pictured:
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC (received as an early gift)
House of Harlow sunburst necklace (also received early)
loads of Toronto Rock lacrosse items (my fave team aside from the Patriots!)- season tickets, notepads, hoodie, 2 shirts, phone case, coffee travel mug, and car flag
George Strait tickets - Oh my gosh, so excited! I've loved him since I was 2!
40" LED TV from the in-laws - Seriously amazing! My jaw dropped!
LG blu-ray player
winter gear - scarves, hats, gloves, etc.
polar bear and penguin figurines
lots of candy in my stocking
Toronto Maple Leafs pillow and fleece blanket set
handpainted wine glass that says "princess"
3 little stuffed animals
Vampire Diaries game - but I have no one to play with
Taylor Swift themed gift from a friend - 2 notebooks, tote bag, bracelet, and guitar picks.
a bunch of clothes from Old Navy during a HUGE sale - to be seen in future OOTDs!     

I know I did not go into too much detail since most will be shown in future posts, but I'll happily answer any questions you might have about anything I got! Also, to see pictures and hauls that don't make it on to my can follow my Instagram. With the new online profiles, you can still see the pictures without having a phone that offers the app. :)

I'd love to see or hear what you've got! What was your favorite gift this year that you either gave or received? My favorite gift that I gave was probably some Ed Sullivan DVDs that I found that have my husband's favorite bands on them. My favorite gift that I received would probably be the Pandora bracelet from my husband and the TV from his family. I have nicknamed the TV "my precious". I'm in love with it! :P


Wendy Banner said...

@splattergirl- Oh man, customs are the worst! How are the wide calf ones? I always have a hard time getting boots that fit right, which is why I usually get Old Navy as they fit bigger. The red Helmers are so pretty! A puppy!!!! That's definitely the best Christmas gift! :D

Supergirl said...

Wow!! So many presents!! Lucky you!!

Emily said...

You got some awesome stuff!!!!

Eageremily. Blogspot. Com

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Larry spoiled you!! :) I can't wait to read all the reviews on the items you got! and I'll play the vampire diaries game with you ;) <3

Wendy Banner said...

@Supergirl- It was a great Christmas this year spent with family and friends. I hope that you had a fabulous Christmas too!

@emilyvannah- Thanks girl! I still can't believe it. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

@christine- I'm wondering if my in-laws and husband thought they were the Trumps for a little while. ;) Larry said he'd play the game with me, but he doesn't even watch the show. LOL! We'll have to play it sometime then!

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