Monday, January 7, 2013

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Week 17

Group post time!

My goal is to do less spending and more using. At the moment, I'm on a beauty and skincare "no buy" for January since I know I'm going to the States next month! I plan on doing another Project 5 or 10 Pan soon, as well. Probably right after my trip in February!

Another goal is to get a bit out of my comfort zone. I used to wear colored eyeshadow here and there but with the brilliant Naked palettes, I just got out of it and always reach for neutrals. Now I feel weird when I reach for color! I'd love to broaden my horizons again and be a little daring with my eyes. I find it so much easier to do it with lips!

My last goal is to care more for my skin, especially at night. I feel like I don't give it nearly enough attention as it deserves. I have all of these quality moisturizers, facial cleansers, creams, etc....and I so often overlook them and reach for a quick makeup wipe instead. Not all of the time, but often enough that I know I'm doing my skin wrong and not showing it true love!

Affairs Magazine :
is Passionately COLD this week!
Beauty & Baggagetalks about her first foray into high end scented candles. Fashionable Heart : wishes MAC's 3N lipstick was not limited edition! Massachusetts Mask : isn't ready to come back from her Holiday yet!
Norwegian Elephant : raves about the amazing Malin+Goetz acne treatment!!

So how would you answer this week's question?!


Unknown said...

My goal is to spend less as well. Hubby & I want to save for a house. I also plan on doing more youtube videos, posting more etc

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