Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 2012 Favorites!

Sorry to not be blogging much this past week. With the hurricane and storms hitting New York, the servers at my husband's Toronto office were down as they are largely based in NYC. So he really could not do much at the office! He's been home for the better part of the past two days, so I got carried away with spending the days with him. My heart goes out to those in the path of the storm and those that are mourning the lives that were lost.

Time to share my monthly favorites!

^ MAC Pure Zen lipstick, B&BW's Autumn scent, Maybelline Barely Beige cream shadow, OPI's You Only Live Twice (from Skyfall Collection), and MAC's The Perfect Cheek blush.

Another favorite was celebrating Halloween. Last Saturday, we went to a local tourist attraction called Black Creek Pioneer Village for their Halloween event. I like to do historic forts, ghost walks, and the sorts. I love hearing the ghost stories that are knee-deep in history, because I'm a nerd like that! Last night, we went to see Hotel Transylvania. How adorable and funny! I enjoy being able to fall asleep, so movies like Sinister and such are out of the question. ;) We also always check out this awesome house near downtown. This guy goes all out with moving items, flying witches, a robotic dragon, and more. It changes a little each year and he takes donations for charity. Always an amazing thing to see!

What have you enjoyed this month? How did you celebrate Halloween? I hope you all had a fun holiday!

P.S.- What service do you use to host your photos, if you blog? I've been using ImageShack, but some of my photos get removed for some reason. It's rather annoying!


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