Monday, October 29, 2012

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Week 7

Time for this week's group post! We have a new girl named Michelle joining us this week. We try to find girls from different areas of the world. It's a lot of fun seeing different brands, customs, and tastes coming together. :)

I am being somewhat festive. I did a Halloween manicure on myself this week. The spiderweb looks a little rough for wear, thanks to my Sally Hansen art pen starting to dry out. They start to get clumpy at the end of their life span! So on my pinky and thumb, I have Essie's Licorice with OPI's The Man with the Golden Gun topcoat. On my ring finger is candy corn, middle finger is the spiderweb, and my index finger is a jack o'lantern. I always find one of the most fun ways to get festive first is with nails!

I thought about wearing an orange and black ensemble too, but I don't think I have anything orange in my wardrobe!

Affairs Magazine- Michelle is feeling festive with her LUSH Bath!
Beauty & Baggage:  falls in love with five eyeliners she scooped up for a bargain!

Fashionable Heart: got one of her dream bags this week!

Massachusetts Mask: has never found a blush she didn't like, but this new one from e.l.f. may have to be the first!

Norwegian Elephant: has finally found the perfect red lipstick!

So how would you answer this week's question?!


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