Friday, November 2, 2012

A Small View of My Wardrobe + Organizing Tips!

I shared these pictures on my Instagram and thought I'd put them on here, as well. I have two areas where I keep my clothes- a set-up in the bedroom and my walk-in closet. I'll show a little of my set-up and give a few tips that I use for organizing.

^ I have two wardrobe pantries set up with an Ikea Expedit bookcase in between. The first wardrobe houses my husband's clothes and miscellaneous items. The other wardrobe holds my various concert tees, dressy tank tops, casual tank tops, camis, some of my shoes, and other miscellaneous things. The baskets on top of the Expedit is where a lot of random things are thrown to be out of the way.

The first row has: floral tops, plaid tops, casual tees, and dress shirts. The second row has: jeans, jeggings, leggings, and yoga/workout plants. The third row with the red cubes has: 1st- travel bags, 2nd- purses, 3rd- designer purses, 4th- wallets and clutches. The fourth row has: sweaters, sports tees (Leafs, Patriots, etc.) that I wear on game days, and 3/4 length sleeve shirts.I've really enjoyed using an Expedit to house some of my clothes. I prefer it to a dresser, since I can see my clothes without digging.

I always try to group like-minded items together. Prints, styles, types. Each has their special spot and it helps me find what I need when I need it. It makes putting laundry away a lot easier too! 

^This is my walk-in closet. The left picture shows my cardigans. I always hang them up. Below those is a three-drawer dresser from Ikea that houses my undergarments, socks, and nightshirts. The bottom left of the picture is storage boxes that house sentimental shirts that I can't bear to get rid of and I've put our laundry basket on top of those.

The top right picture shows where I keep my perfumes and some of my accessories. Yep, that's a Disney Princesses holder holding some of my necklaces. I'm not ashamed! :) The black swirly holder actually used to be a candle lantern holder. Two of the lanterns broke, but I decided to reuse the holder to house some of my necklaces on!

I like to keep my perfumes in the closet since it's dark and cooler. The white organizer holds some random beauty items, as my bathroom is to the right in the closet. Above the perfumes are my rompers. Everything is stacked on another Ikea dresser that holds my PJ shorts and bottoms. The bottom right picture shows my dresses that are in rotation right now. My other dresses have been relegated to the guest room closet!

And there you have it! If you have a post similar, I'd love to see it. I'm an organizing addict, thanks to my mild OCD. I never get tired of seeing home decoration and organization posts! Hope you all have a great weekend!


Natalia Beroiz said...

For god you're so tidy! hahaha i love the pictures, i really would like have all this space.

pass for my blog?

xoxo, Nati

Unknown said...

I love your set up...I definitely need to organize my clothes better because half the time my clothes ends up as a huge pile on my bed because of digging around looking for the perfect outfit. I like the idea of putting clothes in the expedit bookcase rather than a regular much easier to find things with out messing everything up. Thanks for sharing. :)

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