Monday, October 15, 2012

Around the World in 80 Eyeshadows Week 5

I missed last week's question, sadly. Though I'm back and in action to participate with the group posts this week!

If I remember correctly as I look through my makeup collection, my NARS Danmari is probably the most expensive thing I've splurged on. It was $70 + taxes here in Canada. For me, it was absolutely worth it. I only had Orgasm from the shades chosen, so this provided a great venue to try some of NARS' other shades without having to splurge on the full-sized products. My review and swatches are here.

Beauty & Baggage:  shares what was in her bag for the Cosmo Blog Awards.

Fashionable Heart: relies on plaid for a perfect "laid back" look during autumn!

Massachusetts Mask: shows you her 5 favorite scents for fall from Bath & Body Works!

Norwegian Elephant: On finding the perfect-but-not-quite lipstick.

Please feel free to answer this week's question in the comments!


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