Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Haul: Mags, Old Navy, B&BW, & Drugstore!

I know I just posted a load of haul posts from my trip to South Carolina last month, but here I go again. The following items were purchased on Saturday at Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, Chapters, and Shoppers Drug Mart. I was pretty naughty in the retail therapy department! In my defense, there were good sales at Old Navy and B&BW! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ Fall issues are my favorite! They are always the thickest and have the best columns, I feel. Lou Lou is a great Canadian magazine that is very similar to Lucky in the US. The Marie Claire is the UK version.

^ At Old Navy, I grabbed: two camis, two PJ bottoms, a black fleece vest (it gets really cold here and these are lightweight enough to layer under jackets for extra warmth!), and a purple pea coat. Below, I have also provided stock pictures from the website so you can see them in better detail.

^ The sheep PJs made me go "aaaawwww!" the minute I saw them. I knew I wasn't walking out of the store without a pair. :D

^ Here's the stock photos. I took a picture of the pea coat, but for whatever reason my photo was not loading properly. I'm absolutely in love with the color and the gold buttons. Refinery29 even mentioned it on their best pea coats list! Two camis, fleece vest, flannel PJ bottoms, and pea coat. I'm so excited about these purchases. The jacket was on sale for $40 (originally $60CA) here, but I also had a 30% coupon to use on everything. At the end, nearly everything came to a little over $60. Not bad for a purchase that involved a winter coat!

^ At Shoppers, I picked up two Wet 'n Wild hair mascaras. I thought they might be fun to play with! Since I fell in love with my first three Just Bitten Kissables, I grabbed two more in Precious and Smitten. I also couldn't pass up the adorable gravestone Fantasy Makers nail polish. I chose a lovely red glitter in a black base called Once Upon a Time. The pink Essie shade is called Check-Up (BCA shade!) and the black one is Licorice. Swatches are coming on the Just Bitten Kissables!

^ I just had to get to Bath & Body Works for the fall scents before they are put away for another year. This is the candle part of my haul at B&BW. I love sweet smelling scents! I did not like the Leaves scent last year at all, but my taste must have changed because I don't mind it this year. Odd when that happens! Thank goodness for the addition of Pumpkin Cupcake, because those are two of my most loved scents and to have them put together into one...Bam! Addiction happened at the very first smell!

^ I grabbed a snowflake Wallflower for winter and four Wallflower scents. If you've been around my blog awhile, you know my obsession with polar bears. I had to grab this little guy and two Scentportables for the car!

^ Paris in Bloom, Honey Autumn Apple, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin goodies. I think you can tell that Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is a fave. Mmmm!

^ And of course, one more polar bear item! She has a bow! These are shea-infused to moisturize your feet while you wear them and they are so soft. They have little grips on the bottom too, which are perfect for the areas of my condo that are tiled. I often go sliding across the floor when wearing socks!

Have you had a recent haul? Please link me to it or tell me about it in the comments! I personally love hearing about and seeing hauls. And with Christmas coming up, they often give me gift ideas. :)


Supergirl said...

Wow! Impressive haul!:) Love the dark Essie shade, perfect for autumn:)

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